Bid at the same time in the number of online breakthrough 6000

Bid at the same time in the number of online breakthrough 6000

recently, a new model of electricity providers, wisdom in the bid was ( announced its number of online users to break through 6000 people, for less than half a year on the line of electricity supplier recruits, which can be described as a good score. From the wisdom to get data in terms of bid, and now accounts for more than 40% new users per month, the user has begun to enter the stage of rapid development.


today’s electricity business, has long been formed in the case of Ali Jingdong two big group of oligarchs, wisdom in the bid had to break out of a surprise. In this regard, the industry analysis, wisdom in the success of the bid lies in its dislocation competition strategy.

frequent price war between the electricity supplier, the electricity supplier has long been the direct purchase of electricity market tends to saturation. In bid "bid Zhi Bao" model precisely with traditional electricity supplier direct purchase mode naysayers, allow consumers to buy goods, to achieve low-cost competitive strategy. Not everyone can buy goods, but to buy is "beyond imagination" at the such high attitude and the temptation to let consumers is particularly appealing for "find everything fresh and new, and the pursuit of material purchasing power," the younger generation.


with the user growth, we will make adjustments in the commodity strategy to ensure that the intensity of competition will not be too high. In addition to increasing the number of goods, we will have some changes in the structure of the goods, so that bid treasure more playable. When talking about the user’s growth strategy, the wisdom of the bid is to say.


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