New ideas for older brothers

New ideas for older brothers

VOD profit, with a short video to earn popularity – pioneers who are experiencing a change in thinking.

In many of the old

music network, optimization network, excited net similar sites have emerged. These "big brother", although the origin background is different, there is a consensus, but for the future development of Internet Video: This is a huge treasure to be excavated – the arrival of the Internet video will be great changes on the radio and television media, especially in the issue of the way. In this market, there is no new Sina and Sohu".

Although the

copyright fees and content companies, is also quite like a risky investment. Because in the absence of available to the public to watch the show, who can not expect a film or television works at the box office or ratings can be how much. A one-time buyout of film and television works copyright, very vulnerable to large investment, small return defeat situation. Moreover, the current cooperation between the site and content providers, but also under the power of television and other traditional media radiation.

in Shi Zhong, ordinary users do not pay attention to a website is what resources technology, what are the main, they will only consider their own needs are met. Based on this idea, this >

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