For cross border supervision of new trial since April Suning Jingdong get together overweight busine

For cross border supervision of new trial since April Suning Jingdong get together overweight busine

cross-border electricity supplier regulatory new deal from April trial

unified national version of the new atmosphere of cross-border electricity, environmental advantages of integrated business in Shanghai began to highlight.


March 15th, Shanghai cross-border e-commerce demonstration park officially launched in Waigaoqiao Free Trade zone. The park covers the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park, Yangshan Bonded Port and Pudong airport comprehensive bonded zone 4 areas under special customs supervision.

this is in January this year, Shanghai approved the establishment of a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot area, the establishment of the first demonstration park.

the same day, including Jingdong, Suning, including the national cross-border electricity supplier leading enterprises, announced the formal entry into the demonstration park.

an industry observers on surging news ( analysis, the national unified version of the upcoming cross-border electricity supplier new regulation, the leading enterprises, the comprehensive advantages of Shanghai has emerged.

will fill the policy of depressionPrior to this,

, the general feeling of cross-border electricity supplier companies, Shanghai’s regulatory policies to implement more stringent, which prompted them to be more willing to pilot cities in other countries, customs declaration of cross-border electricity supplier products.

Yang Tao, director of East China, Jingdong, said that although the national policy of the ports are consistent, but there are different places in the implementation of the local.


industry observers say, is actually the problem of tightness, some cross-border electricity imports pilot city, for imported goods, tax category identification checks, perform relatively loose, naturally more popular.

more than this. Su Ningyun business outsourcing division deputy general manager Li Liang also mentioned in the payment, customs and inspection and so on, the other pilot city is more open, such as the three one, the earliest record commodity mechanism was implemented in Hangzhou.

today, the level of depression of the policy performance will be a unified national version of the new deal regulation level.

Yang Tao to surging news ( confirmed that it has received notice from April 8th onwards, the Guangzhou customs pilot cross-border electricity supplier regulation. The content of the new deal with the previous version of the same version, but not sure whether it will be implemented simultaneously in Shanghai.

Li Liang also said that Guangzhou will be implemented in April 8th, the introduction of the same period, in addition to the tax deal, there are positive list of cross-border electricity supplier.

according to the surging news about the so-called new tax, refers to cross-border retail electricity supplier no longer imported by parcel tax, tax 50 yuan within the exemption concessions will be abolished; individual single transaction limit of 2000 yuan, annual trading limit 20 thousand yuan, within the limit of transactions are exempt from customs duties and import value-added tax and consumption tax relief 30% levy; beyond the limits of the part, according to the general trade.

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