Foshan small and medium sized furniture enterprises how to enter e commerce

Foshan small and medium sized furniture enterprises how to enter e commerce

from the beginning of 2010, Foshan many furniture factories began to carry out the business of the company on the website, nor in the case, some companies only through bidding to do the promotion. This cost is very high, and this way can not be sustained, once you withdraw, ranking will decline. We want to do network marketing, we need to promote through the optimization of SEO, so that the company’s website as possible relevant keywords ranking, the specific keyword exposure rate is high, sales opportunities will continue to increase.

SEO is a fine live, the traditional network marketing model is not suitable for individuals to do, mainly by the team. The formation of team members is very important, for each member of the fine division and division of labor, are directly related to the overall combat capability of the team.

Supervisor: he is mainly responsible for three tasks:

(1) is responsible for the construction of the site chain, the structure of the station design, the layout and distribution of the chain, the need to communicate with the site’s art and programmers to design and optimize the user experience of the page.

(2) is responsible for sorting out the chain of resources, Statistics website included, ranking and other data. Responsible for the timely assessment of the latest search engine, Octavia to correctly assess the search engine algorithm update. And then analyze the data, the recent situation of the site has been written in the form of regular reports submitted to the boss.

(3) need to raise 2 to 3 blog, blog content mainly: their work summary and optimization of the editing suggestions, artists and programmers are discussed in detail, and the product or company of the latest record etc.. This work is mainly in order to cooperate with the promotion of the whole team, the more detailed the writing, the pace of promotion will accelerate.

is particularly critical, SEO executives must be familiar with the code, he did not understand the program does not matter, but must be very familiar with HTML and div+css, especially in the use of nofollow and static pages, it is best to have actual combat experience.

editor: editor’s main job is to write soft Wen, responsible for writing articles for updating the site.

he can not understand SEO, but the writing skills to be strong, we must refer to the recommendations of SEO executives, the content of the article to optimize the re release. In some of the best high weight forum or blog has certain popularity, there is friendship and various forums, the editor of the website, the company related news published in the famous website.

in addition to his writing in the station to update the article and the need for the construction of the chain of soft Wen, also need to keep a blog. Blog at least raise 5 (including the company’s official blog, micro-blog), based on the original, can be reproduced some of the relevant industry articles, be arranged properly, keep update daily.

promoter two: responsible for the promotion of enterprise website or e-commerce website.


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