Taobao sales the title is actually very important

Taobao sales the title is actually very important

More and more baby goods

of Taobao, a look, if you feel your baby goods submerged in a sea of commodity · · · · guarding the shop every day but if you have a No one shows any interest in, unable to feel


so what can let your baby in the commodity buyers eye stand, how to let people be able to see your baby and want to go in and see the goods feeling? In fact, the title is very important, a good title, a good title to let the traffic you soar


since the title is so important, so what is the title of a good title? Here you need to analyze the buyer’s heart, this is the so-called marketing heart!

is the inevitable human psychological characteristics of any person:

1, curiosity:

everyone has a curious heart, no one can be avoided, if in the street saw the dog bite, maybe you won’t bother, but if you see a man bites a dog, you will see how it is. So according to the psychology of people, when we set the title of the baby goods, goods: exclamation, baby, was crazy to sell, sell 1000, Taobao sales champion, the world’s smallest scissors, Zhendian treasure, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi most love of the bowl, and so on. This kind of words… Will be more curiosity and click your baby goods.

2, greedy heart:

people are greedy, no one would find cheap and good quality of the goods, if free girls shopping usually look better! You know, where the discount where shopping, so when we write the title of the baby goods can also be used to browse the greedy heart! Let them see your baby goods, immediately Click to see! The baby can appear a word: Commodity loss on sale, regardless of the cost, the lowest price, Taobao crazy seckill seckill shipping network, the lowest price,

and so on…

3, security:

The key factors of

network marketing is the most difficult to resolve the problem of credit, so we must disarm or close to lift customer insecurity, let people see you feel this commodity baby is real, how to solve this problem? In the title of the baby out of some such as: 100%, to ensure genuine fake ten / 800, security verification, unconditional return, diamond credibility, the credibility of what the


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