Dangdang growth path do innovative brand or imitation

Dangdang growth path do innovative brand or imitation

Dangdang, today’s electricity supplier industry well-known enterprises, although the second industry group and development prospect in weak in later, but can not deny that, as an audio books Dangdang rely on the company started, the industry into the early accumulated foresight for everyone to learn the meaning of.

November 1999, Dangdang was formally established, and after more than and 10 years of efforts, Dangdang has become a more well-known large-scale comprehensive Chinese online shopping mall. Since its inception, the founder of Li Guoqing will hold the "more choice, lower price positioning service website" to better for the majority of users, it can be said that dangdang.com most loyal customers, because of its high price, and gradually developed ultra low commodity prices to the. And into the 2013, with the increasingly fierce domestic electricity supplier price war, Dangdang is also looking for its own electricity supplier outlet.

Dangdang innovation road

2012 April, can be said that dangdang.com time points after a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, was criticized for its business model has been lackluster without innovation, dangdang.com not beyond all expectations like Jingdong will own the mall close but the development of the electricity supplier target vancl.com, launched its own electricity supplier brand Dangdang excellent product, the electricity supplier battlefield obviously as the smoke added new factors. Many people believe that in today’s electricity supplier management mode so burn cases, dangdang.com hastily launched its own brand is clearly in the isolated posterior, but Dangdang this move is more, their vertical electric model of the road go more confident.


, dangdang.com take a lot of risks in the Eslite, Tmall mall, and the mall under multiple attack Jingdong launched its own brand is obviously, but it is not no chance. Compared to other electricity supplier website, dangdang.com in the majority of users in mind for a "super low" concept and no one can say, if you love to buy brand-name, may Tmall mall more favored, but if you talk about price, dangdang.com occupied the advantage of another electricity supplier website can not be ignored. And launched dangdang.com independent brands, the main Home Furnishing and children, although in the two pieces of other website also are covered, but compared to where the electrical appliances, Jingdong’s own brand shirts, other sites also did not say to Home Furnishing bedding and children’s clothing such as the typical representative, enter the the main electricity supplier market blank at the same time, compared to the distribution characteristics of other electricity supplier "miscellaneous", dangdang.com bucked the trend to a "small and fine", may bring unexpected economic effects for the.

is behind a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment is more sensitive to the weaknesses of development

business strategy. Pulp cellar webmaster think in the electricity supplier strategy, Dangdang apparently lost Jingdong, and even Amazon. See from the open platform of action can be announced open platform in 2012 Dangdang, Taobao, Jingdong and even suning.com has been done for a long time, user groups are already basically formed, this time Dangdang to do an open platform.

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