Highlighting the ecological value of network network won the award Chinese wine innovation mode

Highlighting the ecological value of network network won the award Chinese wine innovation mode

news October 18th, sponsored by the "the Yanghe River wine micro, micro wine · the fifth Wine Marketing Forum" today at the Westin Fuzhou Wanda Hotel held. Music as its ecological ecological wine enterprises network network with excellent ecological innovation mode, its own brand of high quality ecological operation, ecological partner innovation model achievements, was awarded the "2016 China wine Innovation Award" during this forum, together with the award-winning wine net net and easy wine group, 1919, brewmaster network wine industry influential innovative wine enterprises.

at the same time, the ninety-fifth Fuzhou autumn rum will be held October 20th -22, held in Fuzhou. Daily economic news reporter noted that with the rise of the wine industry this year, environmental change and the rise of new ecological forces, "change" has become a hot word during this year’s autumn sugar. The "the Yanghe River wine, micro · the fifth Wine Marketing Forum" is the "mode of power" as the theme, focus on innovation and development of new mode of economic development and environmental changes under the rum industry consumer market, in order to provide reference for enterprise innovation and growth.

network network continues to break the boundary of industry products, vertical integration, horizontal boundary, build cross-border ecological business model in the industry become an independent school, attention and recognition of many industry professionals.

network network brand marketing official said, "the network network has been committed to exploring wine innovative ecological model, make unremitting efforts to promote the development of the industry. The whole world ecological life "global supply chain quality wine to create its own high-quality brand + + + multi terminal Internet platform cross-border ecological" four layers of ecological architecture, after the listing of three new board, network network upgrade "happy life" in the strategy, continue cultivating base liquor ecological life, further towards the layout of the field of living. Aimed at the ecological model of escalating the iteration, injection development and innovative power for the industry, the ecological operation covering the old and new world wine resources and its own brand of high quality wine, bring the global synchronization experience for users."

after landing three new board to accelerate the release of the ecological value of wine

as the liquor electricity supplier network network to the ecological capacity of the bright younger generation, business driven, showing explosive growth. After the listing of three new board, to further accelerate the company’s strategic upgrade and business landing.

in fact, since the beginning of the establishment of "eco wine life world" strategy, network network ecological value is prominent gradually, "global supply chain quality + own quality brand + terminal + platform Internet cross-border ecological multi-dimensional" four layers of ecological architecture in the country steadily falling.

October 11th, complete network network three new board listed bell ceremony, marking the ecological wine enterprises officially visit the capital market. Network network brand responsible person said, "the network network will be capital driven rapid expansion of existing business, establish professional wine ecological life. In the upstream, rooted in the global core areas, the construction of a highly competitive global quality supply chain, continued to introduce more than 16 countries around the world more than 3000 high-quality liquor products. Driven by IP >

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