The analysis focuses on the chain data sharing experience

The analysis focuses on the chain data sharing experience

began to do the chain, to know the forum signature, after a month of harvest is very small. Domian’s own site, only 100. This effect was compared with the master, pale into insignificance by comparison. After the company let me accept an old station chain and included are very good. The chain has more than 3W, but after the construction of the chain for a week, the chain fell even basic wholly intact, the phenomenon may be a domain statement is the estimated value, but their ability to do outside the chain really needs to be improved.


is the chain Commissioner met their problems, we also often encounter problems when the construction of the chain. Through a period of time, in charge of communication with the company, slowly to find the right way.

forum, as well as soft, soft Wen is the most important communication, others may make a soft Wen can get 100 outside the chain, and you can only bring a few feeble. You insist on ten days and ten days of others the result of course has a world of difference. So, in our text at the same time, to record data statistics, such as to where is what site acquisition, how the spread of the soft, soft brought outside the chain of a few and so on. With these data, we can translate directly to the chain construction experience, the future work can get.

study of Shanghai dragon also have a period of time, in this line, is the most frequently cited "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Do stand when encountered some difficulties, we answer the question in the forum, the most to do original content, do the chain like answer. A strong role is aware of the chain, very hard to do. Today I share with you some of their own experience.

here also share some of their tips, chain, through statistical analysis. The chain blog can bring is very extensive, the quality of the chain in the high weight of the blog is very high. We can through some blog subscription tools, such as fresh fruit, such as shrimp, put some high quality blog subscription RSS down. The aim of the course is to obtain timely.

In addition to the

is a very important point, is to learn to analyze the data, the data, then according to these data to guide the construction of the chain.

forum outside the chain from the signature and reply, posting content, however, to post must ensure that the chain included and bring stability to, what kind of posts will be included, I can’t tell you directly, of course on the next day, record, query and tracking. In addition, the forum is relatively easy to reply post practice, one morning at least can reply to 1000 post. However, a lot of Posts included only the main content, your floor may be a month or not included. These rules and skills, to answer what kind of posts are sorted out their needs. There are many forums, which forum high weight, can see the experience of others posted, but the forum included and weight distribution, we need a little bit of their own data analysis.

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