Website ranking drop after Countermeasures

Website ranking drop after Countermeasures

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4: is the same industry beyond

first check the site within the URL path design structure is reasonable, generally URL path to design brief, which is beneficial to the search engine spiders crawling and crawling content. If the design is not reasonable, no rules included in the site will be relatively poor, included low naturally affect the ranking. And the dead links every day or week to check the website, see if there are a lot of dead link and invalid connections, these connections will affect the user experience and the engine spiders. This phenomenon slowly let the search engine spiders antipathy, will affect the site included, the worst case website will be right down, check the dead links to webmaster tools can query, if the term does not check the website ULR dead links lead to death too much, and you happened to have to do 404 page (the author suggest that you must do 404 pages, this is the search engine, it suggested) your site’s ranking can not

really do not want to write down, but there is no way, or there are so many novice webmaster and some fluky Adsense will to make this mistake, I have more >


5: the construction of the chain

not only in the Internet, many industries are, if you in the same place it will be beyond peer, this is the same truth, so do not satisfy the current situation, to continue to surpass themselves, only in this way, your site will be enduring.


? This The

love Shanghai new algorithm on the line, there will be many sites are love Shanghai right down, some site directly by K off, some website ranking drop, Shanghai dragon a lot of uncertain factors, such as website rankings and not make up can guarantee not to fall down, due to various factors, the website ranking will be up and down, so when the website ranking suddenly drop down, how should we analyze the reasons? Only to find reasons to find a solution.

3: website vulnerabilities

301 content and cheatingThe


site is a security vulnerability, if the site code design is not good, it is easy to expose the problem, the website was hacked, or being attacked by some invaders added some black chain. Once a virus, the search engine will fall right on the website, this ranking will also affect the site.

2:URL and 404

website uses the original article, do not use the acquisition or pseudo original cheating methods, by gathering will eventually have to be treated, wrote this think of a thing, someone asked me, now it is not cheating with the jump, I do not say this as you know, is to rely on some black hat cheating. Take a stand ranking and weight increase after 301 jump to another with a white hat Optimization Website, this means to tell the truth, in the past can be, now, love Shanghai can not clear

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