Website optimization has a cockroach spirit

Website optimization has a cockroach spirit

website optimization from the construction of the content and the chain of the two methods, in fact, optimization method is similar. Since Shanghai dragon in this industry, have to do is to optimize the lottery website, in the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, my website is dead and live, not long to live and die. How to open up a new way of optimizing the lottery website, I have been in the research problem. Shanghai launched a new algorithm of love, what is the intention of the webmaster is clear, to improve the user experience, and constantly improve their own algorithms, reduce Internet spam there.


algorithm is mainly for the content of this adjustment, so, we should start from this content. Obviously he every day to update the original article, lovely Shanghai just not included my article. This is what I do in the lottery website frequently encountered problems, but I have a cockroach spirit, I encountered a problem not to escape it, but yuecuoyueyong. I am in the lottery website content after careful analysis, in a related content in the thinking of writing original articles and attract problems. In the original my advice is not to the original and the original, the original at the same time, to consider the content of the user experience, in my online lottery, "

1. web page structure optimization

web page structure optimization problem is the problem of the optimization method is more a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is emerge in an endless stream. I do in the optimization of the page structure of the lottery website, I think the problem is not how to improve the skills, but how to optimize the method under the same conditions, adhere to. The low quality of the page will not be optimistic about the search engine optimization, on the page I do lottery website 贵族宝贝, I optimize the road is planned. Keywords can be routed to the Shanghai home of love, is not a short duration of time things, only to do optimization is the optimization of the spirit of the Shanghai dragon.

2. web content with original

so, from my lottery website optimization method to analysis in optimization techniques under the similar conditions, how to make your own website talent shows itself from the following points, the main analysis:

with the rapid development of the Internet, in the field of certain rules, as the saying goes, "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan". Love Shanghai in the face of market share decline, on the search engine to carry out the static environment, improve the user experience. Any of a group, if you do not have a reasonable management plan, the group will be eliminated by the society. For I Shanghai dragon in this industry, whether it is the content of construction or the construction of the chain, you are very aware of optimization method. But to do optimization is less and less. Do we take the lottery website stationmaster, the site was K, overnight no ranking is often the case, in our website optimization under the condition of strong knowledge, than who is tenacity, who can unremittingly, who has a cockroach spirit, then you have other network stations have an advantage.

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