The static single page how to do on the flow of more than 2500

The static single page how to do on the flow of more than 2500

here is how to do a single page on IP more than 2500, although the website looks fragile, see only one home, no columns and other content, the URL is not made, or suspicion of advertising, a figure below for everyone to see, a photo card, so that everybody says I was blown out:


analysis from Shanghai love search engine, the weight of single page than multi page to high, such as the site has a history of four or five years, I believe the website weight is relatively high, this is like a child to eat birthday cake, a two children one cake, can let everybody eat very full, if let the village children to eat, so every child would have tasted a little, this is why the single page will let each keyword ranking is very good.

site was included in 3 pages, the site itself is only a home page, so there are not included, site content also unable to update, so love Shanghai snapshot is very slow, can be said to do it again from the website, not to update every day, just start from the chain. Although the chain is not much before more than 5000, but relatively speaking, these chains are relatively stable, generally do not have large fluctuations, such as love Shanghai after the update, there will be some sites outside the chain down a lot, many of today’s network station seems to have an obvious update, many friends complain the chain a lot less, the chain will lead to reduced stability keywords ranking, but the chain lost too much, maybe you can not avoid the risk of the site right down, So here, I suggest you not to do the chain number and adventure, a lot of the chain is not necessary is not easy to try, such as some illegal and unhealthy websites, some chain easy to delete website, we then released the chain should also pay attention to the skills, not an account for too much, seeking stability is the truth.

in our Shanghai dragon optimization, a lot of friends into the errors, often find some people, just look at the surface data of the website, such as the Shanghai love weight, web site, snapshot, outside the chain, but these are not absolute, such as love Shanghai weight, that is only a kind of non love Shanghai recognized the data, only individual stationmaster developed, a data reference for everyone, many people hold this thing not to put, that their love Shanghai weight higher than the others, their own websites than others newbier, actually I >

website optimization promotion sometimes elusive, but many sites look too horrible to look at, but many sites ranking optimization appears to stand head and shoulders above others, all seems to be perfectly logical and reasonable, do very well, is the latest snapshot of the site, included large chain do amazing, but the fact is that the people dare not flatter, no website ranking, website no flow, it has become a cloud.

Although the

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