Love Shanghai new Shanghai dragon scores similar to the noble baby pr

Love Shanghai new Shanghai dragon scores similar to the noble baby pr

this may show on your web page ranking and impact

Meta information: keywords and description lack of meta tag

static page parameters: the use of dynamic parameters in the static page, will cause the spider repeat several times and grab


of the PR value update, give it a wake up in Shanghai. Love Shanghai without a noble baby is similar to the PR value of the products, China webmaster will not forget noble baby.

frame will lead to the capture of spider love Shanghai love Shanghai is difficult, it is recommended that you avoid using

joined the description of the flash file can let love Shanghai to better understand your web

added this information can make your pictures on the web more easily by the user to retrieve


: the length of the longest length love Shanghai suggested that URL does not exceed 255byte

!But in June 28th

I use your own website try, the detection data is relatively small. But the future love Shanghai will certainly have greatly improved and improved.

although the nobility baby constantly remind you, don’t be too concerned about the PR value, but the Shanghai dragon are no China. Maybe we are always accompanied by the growth and fraction. From the beginning of the kindergarten, we evaluated whether or not a child is clever clever, are used to identify simple fractions. So noble baby is completely suitable for Chinese PR mentality! After the noble baby left China, the PR value for a long time not update, this let love Shanghai relieved

so this day Shanghai launched its own love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng suggestions. Now we enter the love of Shanghai, will see a Shanghai Longfeng proposal button in the lower left corner. We need an invitation code to see when you click for use! Need 50 points to exchange the alliance! Have to say this is a coup, not only against the noble baby webmaster tools, but also against those of other traffic statistics tool

Flash text information: Flash missing text description

provided by the 贵族宝贝sertacn贵族宝贝 network Serta mattresses please keep the link,

page contentThe degree of perfection of

picture Alt information: there is no ALT information img tag

1, URL:



is currently in the testing stage, through the love of Shanghai’s official introduction, this tool will be evaluated as follows:

Frame information: frame/frameset/iframe tag

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