Search engine optimization of user experience of users come from

Search engine optimization of user experience of users come from

second, the appearance of the site (repeat)

don’t think above.

care about you is by user, when you open a web site, with the snail slow, you think users will like what? He or she may feel that the first question himself, then he choose to believe that you try to open the other sites, but the other site open speed as the Coupe just as quickly, then he would never point your website, then you will lose a customer, not to mention the user experience. So what can we do to open the site quickly? Is very simple is also a good choice of the space business, to make your website open speed no menace from the rear.

a little if solved so to solve this problem, the website may not need to engage in very fine, but the point is that when users open your site’s first impression is very important, it is shocking to the user’s eye, if can let users leave deep impression on me first, I think the user action is touch of hands right click "add to Favorites" as a webmaster we certainly don’t know what is the user’s actions, we have to use this tool is the query user "bounce rate" to determine your site with this condition? As a result of long-term accumulation it is your users, this is the first step to the user to impress the accumulation of users enables the users to become their own "repeat"

with user requirements continues to improve so that the search engine algorithm has also continued to upgrade, love Shanghai on the website of the user experience from this situation is more and more strict, the search engine is for the user’s search habits are changing, so that changes in search engine rankings, is the user experience as is the kingly way.

first, love the sea launched speed search you still race the tortoise

user experience of these four words, if you have carefully to find it everywhere about the user experience of the article, but these are all empty talk, practice is the most important, for a webmaster talk for the development of such a a website is to have a great influence, this hydrophobic rock wool board manufacturers in Shanghai dragon city has been a tangled issue like "chicken and egg" this problem, such as a web site without the user, what we talk about that experience? These said user experience is not that a groundless statement? Of course these are absurd, because the Internet is never a lack of user experience, you have to do is to attract users to experience, here I would not turn Bush said today, the key! Hydrophobic rock wool board manufacturers in the Shanghai dragon city want to tell you is that as the title, the user experience of users come from.

third, what is the theme of the site is around the theme to carry out the internal link optimization

Also brought endless topic to many webmaster

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