Shanghai dragon from the last laugh is the ultimate winner

Shanghai dragon from the last laugh is the ultimate winner

said it is to love Shanghai so we rank as it is to our user ranking. Know the reason to start relatively easy optimization. But most people have to do around the love like this Shanghai search engine, you do better, but also do not pay the love of Shanghai. The chain can rely on our website to push up, but the latter is ranked hits rely on to maintain the sustained. So what are the factors affecting the website ranking? How can we diagnose our website, the legend of the following combination of their own learning experience to share experiences.

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contact Shanghai dragon also has a time, feeling a lot along the way. We do not know is how to think of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon mentioned most people’s point of view is probably to keywords of an industry do love Shanghai and even the first home page. In fact, the website ranking is up just the beginning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon can bring traffic, but it is just a channel, is the real purpose of transformation. So for the Shanghai dragon in terms of its carrier is the site, most of the sites are also started on the basis of Shanghai dragon road. Today is to share experiences and insights about the site detection. I wonder if we are not careful observation. There is little the first chair of a website to take the love of Shanghai, except for some big words and brand website. For most of the enterprise stand or industry word top are basically floating. Why? Because the details of factors affecting site ranking is more than 200, it is difficult for us to do perfect. Once some aspects of our site being beyond the natural ranking will be beyond. Shanghai love is no matter who we are, how many clicks it only cares about you this website, what is PV, how much is the bounce rate and withdrawal rate.

website right down time: if we go to a web site analysis, this is one of the most basic factors. If time can not grasp the words then confused, can not find the reason. This factor must detail to which one day down to any location, but also look at the current ranking is still within the page. So you can judge for the. Do the optimization is not a dead technology but to grasp the love of Shanghai rules. Is more like doing inference, because we want to go to a lot of data analysis. So a good Shanghai dragon is to do the operation record. For example Links add and delete records. What is down right? Right down is a chain reaction. The first is the performance of keywords ranking drop, ranking dropped and then flow loss, there is a collection of decline, because the spider on your site to reduce weight, the trust will be reduced. Here is the problem of trust to you. On this issue, many of my friends have a wrong understanding, think of your site and the ranking of the great relationship. In fact, as long as you observe can be found and not so. Some web site has been in decline, but the ranking has been on the rise, even only a collection.

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