The chain of the long way to create exclusive 2013 links

The chain of the long way to create exclusive 2013 links



1: the web site outside the chain where the text is very important to highlight the importance of correlation

, a web site link, simply explain this truth, in the URL signature text in general, are closely related to this website, but also love Shanghai will be mistaken for a transitive dependency links, the judgment for our webmaster provided a good chance, why say so, because now in many forums, it is difficult to do outside the chain, especially the position of the signature anchor text, however, in this case, you can easily use the text form to mention the anchor text, this comprehensive effect is worth to advocate.

remember to love Shanghai also said that the chain is suitable let their website appear, let the love of spiders in Shanghai can be seen to be more widely spread, which is the transfer of meaning, if you feel good, then to share out, now the chain transfer and correlation is not simply talking about it, but you need fine play work, in accordance with the appropriate rules, the chain will do.

love Shanghai link tools show, it is the breadth of the chain is very important, a lot of friends of the chain distribution of some heavy websites, the chain arrangement of these sites is very extensive, and the number of the chain are not too concentrated in one or two sites in general, are scattered and come; this is our future need to pay attention to the chain in place, it is a chain not too concentrated in one place (looks like old), back to the chain, the chain in Shanghai love platform, many text links have been slowly convex remember to show the importance of love Shanghai also said, Shanghai is also a text link love can grab, this is without a doubt, this is a way to guide us. That is part of the chain anchor text and text, in general, the correlation between transfer anchor text lies in what is and what is in front of the text, text links is the site of the text, the meaning of.

second: buy the chain way quietly fade buy links need stable desirable

after Shanghai love again and again the algorithm updated 2012, believe that every webmaster in this year and mature a little after love Shanghai so intensive adjustment, the experience also experienced, also apply the old saying "no love and struggle. Shanghai is not a good webmaster webmaster" that growth is always in every site change, love Shanghai last year of adjustment, a renewal of the link algorithm, the link analysis, love Shanghai platform and so on, I believe that the outside of the road is long, we also need to step out, in 2013, the exclusive link build your own web site is the most beautiful.


As shown in figure

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