Shanghai dragon is not weakened but enters the Shanghai Dragon 3 times

Shanghai dragon is not weakened but enters the Shanghai Dragon 3 times

many webmaster think Shanghai dragon is ignored, no need to do the Shanghai dragon, even think that personal website has no way out, in fact. "Shanghai Dragon 3" this concept has become a reality. Shanghai Dragon 3 focusing on the user experience, in turn is no longer the search engine optimization, but to optimize the search experience.

is not difficult to find, Shanghai dragon 2 is based on the improvement of Shanghai dragon 1 on the 3 or so, Shanghai dragon an exploration of the Shanghai dragon pattern, if the full implementation of this mode, will the introduction of social function, so I believe that Shanghai will improve the 4 Dragon Dragon Phoenix 3 development when certain get.

for Shanghai Dragon 3, the original article is no longer a certain index, but the original content is still unabated. Simply, we are very love if you reprint the article, and get a lot of comments, so this article if we add some ideas like, it is not a high quality articles? Shanghai Dragon 3 should also pay more attention to this aspect of readability, practical functions.

many people will ask, then Shanghai Longfeng 2 there is reference value? There is certain, but there does not mean importance. May reduce the chain effect ratio to a minimum, even is only as a reference. Many people asked me 3 Shanghai dragon chain said? Shanghai Dragon 3 should be chain invisible, because each user of the chain is you, and the high quality of the chain. To make an analogy, if the users think your site is a very good website, do not recommend to a friend? A friend recommended web of trust is higher. But the chain of tangible user to share only itself real talent is regarded as the high quality chain.

has said Shanghai Dragon 3 is a pseudo concept, because the black and gray two kinds of optimization methods are constantly interfering with the development of Shanghai dragon circles, such as keyword stuffing although Shanghai has increased the intensity of love, but still exists this phenomenon. But we can know that Shanghai is already on the "love inspirational world" by means of cheating to obtain high weight website gradually. Not so perfect thing, but after all, Shanghai is working hard to love. Now is the Shanghai dragon 2 transition to Shanghai Dragon 3 times, natural Shanghai Dragon 3 is no longer a false concept.


pay attention to user experience, love of spiders in Shanghai can grab the text, pictures and links can not crawl JS, it is a blessing or a new round of controversy for the Flash website? A while ago broke the love Shanghai assessment on-line, to determine whether a site is the quality of the website, perhaps this is the Shanghai Dragon 3 ready. So, the flash site in Shanghai is not at the expense of the Dragon 3. Let the algorithm not complete manual to complete, interface, content, this is in fact the warning we should pay attention to the advertisement of website.

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