The ingenious design of the landing page to improve the flow conversion rate of advertising

The ingenious design of the landing page to improve the flow conversion rate of advertising

second: the landing page is rich in content. Advertising page of the product introduction is very rough, if you want users to find their own needs, and then under the orders, a detailed introduction to the product must be landing pages, different product categories need to be separated, and the advantages of this product compared to similar products, preferential measures at purchase products, product purchase procedures, are in the ad landing page needs to be marked, but the page design also needs to consider the user experience, combining the form to attract eyeballs, pictures should be processed, so that it looks more professional, picture of the pixel to be high, but also certain text format, so text format effect of site layout arrangement. The landing page is mainly to the user transition, so do not need to update this page too much content, no need to add a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, if the preferential information updated products, other content basically can not update.

: the first landing page to professional. The landing page is the user enters through the advertisement advertisement click on the page, the landing page is the transition page advertising, in order to improve the conversion of user traffic, the page is very important professional display. According to the page advertising products are described, at the same time, if it is official activities, needs to show that the official words in the landing page to the user, faithful and true feeling. Page of the website construction, style design, server stability etc., are all factors that influence flow conversion. The landing page like a large number of advertising pages without flowery language modification, more to the construction of the style should be clear, the atmosphere, the whole atmosphere to not lose quality, try to improve professional website, improve the conversion rate of flow.

fourth: the landing page shows customer case. Network marketing is the biggest disadvantage of users could not believe the authenticity, the Internet is now indeed liar a lot, in order to improve the user’s understanding of the product.

third: the landing page to timely contact customer service. Customer service system is indispensable in the marketing of the network, users can network marketing through customer service system, a more detailed understanding of the product, the user comes to the landing page may not all customers can be very skilled to complete the purchase, can not avoid the problems encountered in the process of the order, the customer service system is very important. Contact on the site to be clear, you can set aside the phone number, QQ, MSN, e-mail, in order to improve users’ trust in the site, you can use the phone, QQ and other 400 enterprises, which can reduce the user confidence in the site, to avoid loss of orders because they do not trust products, reduce the conversion rate of flow.

with the development of the Internet, network marketing gradually into the business of marketing, a lot of website marketing, require different industry marketing natural way is different, but the form of advertising marketing are indispensable in every industry, but users of rigid ads and interest, then you need to set the advertising landing page through the transition the landing page, improve the site’s traffic conversion rate. The author to share the design concept of landing page.

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