Lazy economy to promote the transformation of the mode of search

Lazy economy to promote the transformation of the mode of search

inert "muggy" Internet economy

search engine "inertia change"

search engine is the development of the Internet as the most basic way, the main entrance is traffic, more and more search engines become an important way for the transformation of war, Internet traffic crowd in Shanghai recently, the meeting of the world, the scale of voice and image search over text search has become a hot topic, just lazy "the economic point of view, this is due to the economic development of the Internet, the Internet itself is relying on the" inert "convenient ideas developed, is" lazy economy "" disaster ", the simple text input will no longer be able to meet the needs of convenient development, especially in the social rhythm is accelerating today, speech convenient and shoot that search search engine is more able to" capture "for the Internet users especially mobile Internet search engine Qing heart.


lazy economy behind the Internet thinking

Internet era is the era of intelligent, more and more groups in the pursuit of convenient services and promote technology innovation, "lazy" as one of the essential characteristics of human beings, in the way of human progress at the same time, but also more convenient to create a new economic entity, the Internet economy makes the lazy economy rapidly development, and recently, in Shanghai World Congress, the "lazy economy" is used in the Internet search engine, in order to convenient users and more popular voice search, image search, in the future will be more than the words visible behind "lazy economy" is a manifestation of the Internet service more convenient and rapid evolution of fine the development of the.

people are inert, especially in the era of Internet, more and more guest house has become an important economic force, pulling the Internet and the development of logistics and, with the continuous development of science and technology, the house off for "home service" have become increasingly demanding, insatiable, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show Chinese, as of June 2014, the total number of Internet users is 632 million, the number of mobile phone users reached 527 million, with the continuous growth in the population of Internet users, the Internet "lazy" of economy of scale expansion, especially with the development of mobile Internet, more and more convenient APP in life, let the life of the basic necessities of life can be addressed, through convenient the Internet economy therefore, seize the development situation of inert, is the best opportunity for development of the Internet economy .

The development of social economy is to

users convenient service as the foundation of social transformation is closely rely on convenient invention based production produced, especially after the economic development of the Internet, more convenient services become an important way for the development of the Internet, as the entrance of the development of the Internet, the search engine is to simplify the process "an important way of lazy economy tianchai feeding, revealing a lazy economy after Internet changes to the user experience and the convenience of users as the basic principle, way to search images or.

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