The most handsome twin brother Yuan Ziwen also start selling maskSome errors in the secret Wangzhuan

The most handsome twin brother Yuan Ziwen also start selling maskSome errors in the secret Wangzhuan

"Lu Yu has an appointment", "every day" two television program interviews, so that Yuan Ziwen, Yuan Zihao, two brothers became the sought after Peking University’s most handsome twin brothers. They are Peking University students, or young writers, recently released second new books in the pre-sale period, they have achieved good sales. Brother Yuan Ziwen, as well as third identity – "source first" mask brand leader.

always stresses the importance of "


lead: on the "Lu Yu has an appointment", "day day up", Peking University’s most handsome twin brothers have started business.

3 Witkey wangzhuan. Beginners do not have the skills to rely on selling coolies, labor intensity. Tired every day, just a few dollars a day. Go here, there are people who insist not to come, give up the leave.

2 mail click wangzhuan. When you click on the day and night will be provided, when is the site closed. The money must be gone, and your pay for it is gone. You may have lost confidence in Wangzhuan, don’t give up on. The higher your journey from the end.

in Nanjing?

Wangzhuan, this word is no stranger to come to make Taobao brothers entrepreneurship forum. Your name is through the network to make money. Whether any thing has its two sides, of course, people can not escape. Double then I will personally talk about wangzhuan.

Onhook Wangzhuan

but he didn’t choose the mask as an entrepreneurial project because of his beauty.

some people operate some fringes chat rooms, SP, some hackers engage in sex technology remote control, steal game account, attack servers, the attack site, killing, invasion, crack, etc., have to write plug-in do porn sites. These things are against the law and many people are operating. It does bring in profits, but how long will this profit last?. As the saying goes, no thief can reach 80. Will be arrested some day. Wangzhuan novice friends to just into the society of the child, there is no ability to distinguish between certain. Once you’re out of your way, nobody’s going to help you estimate what you’re doing

4 site to make money. The man who walks here is the man who has gone through three kinds of hardships. Someone who has the ability to endure. With a certain basis, knowledge is also rich. Building a station and hanging an advertising alliance can make money, and it is the ideal of getting there. According to said come to this step in the success is not far away, but the way out is the site of middle ran no traffic, no traffic would not return. But where’s the flow? This is a product neck. To this point, you must want someone to turn you in. You will admire every day in the group to say their website today thousands of thousands of traffic. Even want to know him, worship him as a teacher. But people don’t bird you.

entrepreneurial team of three people, one person who has been in the mask Market for many years of experience, so we all think that this industry will be more familiar with, insurance. The profession has decided, brand name should call what good, regarding the liberal arts origin, has passed the book Yuan Ziwen, takes the name not difficult, but the significance is very important. He believes that people can walk together entrepreneurship is a kind of fate, but in the complicated skincare market, the audience can not completely in the trial case choose to buy their mask, this is a rare fate "". And their mask R & D is in Taiwan this raw material pure place, and take "source" meaning, so now we see "source first."".

the source of this initial view – Entrepreneurship because of the "edge" and

Interviews with

"actually, I’m introverted and not very emotional.". Usually will give people a sense of distance, more serious, cold feeling. I am a direct person in my life, so I will be direct to our team mates." Yuan Ziwen says he doesn’t like people who don’t do things seriously. He has met people who are not serious and he has no hesitation.


1. Onhook Wangzhuan a month to earn money even to buy a pack of red Nanjing 11 pieces I did not estimate the number of want to do such a thing, do we value is a pack of red


and Yuan Ziwen are at a coffee shop opposite the little Simon gate of Peking university. Compared to the Peking University students who came back and forth with their bags back and forth, Yuan Ziwen’s figure and appearance made him recognize him at one glance. Since the day before the interview, their new book, "we’re all the same, young and hesitant", just got its online order, so he was talking about the new book with his cell phone and his editor. Seated. The reporter noticed him under the brim of the sea, well-proportioned fall strict in demands, on the forehead. A look at the beauty and clean, almost obsessive obsession with the perfect pursuit.

"source of the first signs" brand factory in Taiwan, Beijing team here is mainly financial, customer service, administration based. Every August and November is their busiest time, and in order to alleviate the problem of manpower, they will find some students who need to work part-time near Wudaokou. Asked, he is 90, how to manage these "peers", he showed the face of rational rigor.


many novice friends, enter the Wangzhuan industry can hear where there is a day to earn tens of millions of items. These projects let novice friends around the project throughout the day, we can not take care of the nature of this project. Such an atmosphere directly guides you in the wrong direction. Of course, the veteran is not Wangzhuan the patience to remind you, for them. Even a chat is a handout, not to mention the novice who doesn’t understand anything. When I did not encounter the devil, I just like you all this so called Wai earn hundreds of hundreds of projects. First, we first analyze the types of higher:

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