How to through the website optimization website backstage data analysis to improve user experience o

How to through the website optimization website backstage data analysis to improve user experience o

as everyone knows, website optimization process, the user experience is a very important index to optimize the process of optimization, for many small and medium-sized enterprise owners, many people are still trying to send the chain, the user experience is king in this era, how to improve our website user experience to create a can really help enterprises obtain lasting search engine recognition of the website, can we keep lasting website visitors, undoubtedly user experience is a good remedy for us, the author through the following points and detailed analysis, how to improve website optimization through data analysis website user experience.

can see the red line part, this show is a traffic and visitors yesterday own a business website of the UV, said the independent IP, PV site, UV (36) /pv (53) =68%, this is the site of the bounce rate, the higher the value said the website viscosity is poor, out of the lower rate of surface site user experience better, so through the analysis of the data, the website user experience has yet to be improved, such as the quality of website content, website access speed which is the cause of the user out of, we have to make up through their own understanding and analysis of the details of the site as a whole, to reduce the site bounce rate enhance website viscosity.

first, browse the value and PV analysis of the website. General webmasters will use 51la or cnzz as the website backstage data analysis tools, web site managers as we can from these data in the background of the user experience for a lot of valuable information for ascension? We look at the first picture:

second, analysis in-depth analysis of the details of the new website viscosity and IP value of independent visitors. The new website is the first independent visitors users to access the site, and the site IP is the website user access flow, through the above data is not difficult for us to find a new website yesterday independent visitors is 35, and the total flow of IP site is 36, in a certain extent, this site traffic is completely since the search engine no, a group of loyal users, the new independent visitors /IP this value represents the site for the user viscosity, which is two times the value proportion of visitors, the larger the value of surface that is two times the site of loyal visitors visitors less loyal customers is lower, if the value of our website and IP the new independent visitors as a case, the ratio of 4/4=1 is 1 can infer the website customer loyalty is 0, after the customer is only visible to the site, in order to understand the needs, and the site does not have any To attract users to visit again for the details, we can infer that the site has a lot of problems, such as content can not meet customer needs, the customer not found after entering the next time will not be in for a visit, so the site is very low for the viscosity of the user, in this case we need from the user’s point of view to analysis and think, what the details of the impact site for visitors from viscosity, website content quality, column classification is comprehensive, the content is.

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