Shanghai Longfeng optimization will not be useless

Shanghai Longfeng optimization will not be useless

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chain construction is an important part of station optimization, many people work every day except to the article, is that a few old site to send the chain. The recent LEE "on the chain" judge made a lot of people in a constant state of anxiety. In fact, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain analysis last year let many people see traces, the day to keep the chain of hair root at.

memory is always the most beautiful thing in life, thinking people will sort out these details to work and life planning. In those years learned Arts Physics teacher, speaking of the useless theory, can be used for our perfect understanding of related techniques of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. What is useless? Is the completion of a task without practical work, here from the link construction about those years we pursue the busywork.

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might say, we need to adhere to and patience, but it is not immutable and frozen Shanghai dragon. This is a result of the popularization of the technology industry, is too simple, who understand the true love Shanghai algorithm. Please stop doing, let Shanghai Longfeng optimization (link) more naturally. The heart like Tiger: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/u/3290883333, admin first, please keep the link.


2, the construction of the chain at

from the local perspective, the so-called keyword search users is not much, the so-called long tail keywords is not someone to think of the so-called search engine optimization is not for ranking but to find more customers. Some people even found that even a few key words on the home page, and only a few of the scanty traffic. Ask Shanghai dragon optimization than love Shanghai bidding difference?

we all looking for the latest network optimization techniques, in the chain resources to find high quality, ask how to restore the site to drop right, but who can face their own work. For example, the word link through our website optimization process, many people find out its connotation. A link is refers to the connection point to a target from a web page.

I don’t know how many people every day to write original, pseudo original, reproduced articles are a link or "a word" around the key link to the home page. Every day as much news, the same words, the same link address, you said not cheating, you dare to believe it in love with Hisense. Reminder: let the links as far as possible in a natural way, really considering the user’s point of view, to the relevant page, and some articles are without links.

in fact, the only standard chain of judgment on whether the love of Shanghai propaganda is the user really recommend. In other words, the chain you can not always link to the home page, the chain is not included you, always insist for a long time that several platform that many accounts do who do not love the chain. Let the chain of nature, connected to the place to go, maybe your website ranking will be better.

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