Grassroots Webmaster who moved my chain Practice the truth

Grassroots Webmaster who moved my chain Practice the truth


chain is always every webmaster can pursue things, but the pursuit of different standards, the owners for quantity, while ignoring the quality, I was one of them, every day the life of the chain, everywhere, also did not see the website ranking up, people are dead. Do I often feel really tired ah. Some master, there are a lot of good outside chain resources in their hands, and the weight is very high, every day they add more than 10 chain line, easy website ranking will go up.

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from my analysis to the high quality of the chain is very important. Today I site outside the chain number from 5000 down to 4800, is a little heartache, but to understand a truth, I had many ideas may change. Before the hard work, now to think before acting. What is the previous methods are used once, every day is very tired, but also do not have what effect, website ranking has been no improvement, recently love Shanghai big fan, ranking is more outrageous.

some time ago a friend asked me to read a book, the title is called "who moved my cheese", this name is interesting, don’t know what’s inside in the end, I did not see it, but the title seems to remember you in my mind. A few days ago wrote a " a 1000 increase in feelings between " love Shanghai updated the chain number one night; this morning, check the chain number, found less than a mile, he wants to write a soft support, ha ha, is called "who moved my chain?". The chain is the site ranking one of the factors, but the chain should pay attention to the quality and quantity, some sites outside the chain number, but the quality is not high, how can the row over the other station.

who didn’t move my chain, is my own take, oh, with "who moved my cheese" this book is really the same truth, truth in actual application, the actual practice in truth.


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