Comparative analysis of the strongest picture website

Comparative analysis of the strongest picture website

nipic industry users within 07 years to set up as everyone knows, the old brand, is also the first picture material industry. Nipic I will not say more, I know you all.

Material Corporation

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2, beautiful wallpaper

According to the picture picture material

love with more and more attention Shanghai pictures, pictures of websites is becoming more and more important. Small M as half a bucket of water designers, energy-saving for me is a big help, small M also love this kind of website to look for inspiration under the material very much! The small M would recommend several pictures I think the strongest domestic websites for your reference.

Material Corporation is a professional picture material download network in recent years the rise in the past, this site has spent nearly 4 years in the stage of learning, has a new look to show in front of the user, but also through the observation and use for nearly two years, the commune material networks have been recognized and supported most of the users the.



concluded that the above two picture material website development direction, and all the images uploaded by users to not have such images copyright. Picture material industry leader worthy of that figure, but the small M from the user’s perspective, the figure is the layout design defects in appearance, easy visual fatigue; user experience is not good, the search material to spend a lot of time, more tired; there are problems not found in customer service, very sad. Personal feel or experience the best material commune network, layout design is clean and clear, color with green, make people feel comfortable, it is important also to protect eyes can be green; to find material at a glance, to save time in the experience; the problem for customer service is very enthusiastic, very patient. That figure may also aware of his own shortcomings, some time ago also pay attention to modify the layout, but the new version of the map is best not close! From the user experience speaking I strongly recommend network material corporation.

ZOL desktop wallpaper for Zhongguancun’s products, Zhongguancun is why we should all know that IT is very good, wallpaper ranking, traffic is also very good, integrated enterprise.


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recommendation two: Cool table wallpaper www.zhuoku贵族宝贝

recommends: ZOL desktop wallpaper desk.zol贵族宝贝.cn



website development direction can be divided into three categories: energy-saving, beautiful wallpaper network and photo sharing network (these are small M used).

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