The wooden knife water on search engine and user page value

The wooden knife water on search engine and user page value

understand the principle of search engine should understand the search engine included a page is what, after the search engine spiders crawl a page on its massive database for analysis, to find whether there are the same information in their own database, this process can also be to determine whether the text for the original, for a completely fresh content search engine is certainly more love will be given a higher weight, for there are too many of the same content page may be included but give lower weights, or take direct way not included.

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included in the website, some websites can be included is very good, some sites may be included in a difficult situation, there is a certain relationship between the problems with the website structure, but more reason lies in the existence of the value of the web page, then the page ranking a why can the page to get good rankings, why can when searching for a row of long tail keywords in the front position, and this not only their website weight is associated with the value of the page at the same time.

when we want to find the information we need in the search engine, find the ranking of the articles we should also be able to learn some rules, this article or page can row in the front position, it must have the following characteristics, the readability of the article, to solve practical problems a good user experience. The page value also contains several aspects of this, on the one hand this page is valuable for the search engines, on the other hand, this page is more need for users, this is also the search engine needs to be done, to help us find the required content.

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page contains many aspects, but also can be text pictures or video, what kind of content is more valuable, from the search results can also see some clues in the search results, we can find a lot of video will have a very good ranking, this.

the reason why we have to use a search engine is the biggest reason to find what you want, so a page for the maximum value of users is to give users what they need, may be a problem or bring some useful information. We can find love in the search results are always at the top of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the exam, one might say is why love Shanghai’s own products, but love Shanghai encyclopedia in other search engines can also row in the front position, this is because of love the sea encyclopedia are often able to offer content that we most in need of the most detailed, this is also its greatest value to reflect the user.


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