The wooden knife water recommendation two can replace Yahoo backlinks query tool

The wooden knife water recommendation two can replace Yahoo backlinks query tool

Backlink Watch this tool is also a very good backlinks query tool, this tool we can query to each website external links, link anchor text or image links can be identified, PR can also query the external links, link and the link is waiting with nofollow tag information, also to meet our requirements.


no Yahoo after the chain query we can use what? Love Shanghai? It’s not reliable! With noble baby? It is not reliable! Don’t worry today is to recommend two query outside the chain of tools, should be quite reliable, while the analysis function is more powerful. The reverse link of a tool from the MOZ produced a great reputation in Shanghai dragon query tool Open Site Explorer, a link to another is foreign query tool Backlink Watch.

although these two tools are not Yahoo habits, but their function is indeed very powerful, an understanding we can on the site through the two chain analysis tools, can also help in my opponent >

Open Site Explorer (贵族宝贝


MOZ Open Site Explorer Shanghai, if you are a Shanghai dragon Er never heard of Shanghai dragon MOZ you Out, we should always be able to see a lot of Shanghai dragon MOZ translation, are some very good article. This tool is very powerful, it will launch is to replace Yahoo! SiteExplorer, we can calculate the weight fraction of page links based on the query through this tool, and the total number of URL connected to this page and this link contains nofollow tags and do 301 redirect.

Backlink Watch (贵族宝贝backlinkwatch贵族宝贝/)

on the 22 day Yahoo stopped Yahoo according to the original plan! SiteExplorer data query service, although the results as expected but still a lot of discussion, because a good query tool that external links away from us, but also because the Yahoo chain query tool data is often more comprehensive you can go through it, analysis of competitors, and to dig the chain resources many, now there is indeed a little uncomfortable.

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