To explore the chain now there is much effect on Enterprise Station

To explore the chain now there is much effect on Enterprise Station

from the above we can see that the reverse link these stations are very small, but I looked that some forums and classification information of text structure of the chain. According to previous thinking, this text links to the website cannot increase the number of weights, perhaps you would say that those are the old station, a railway station, but recently I just did, directly after the release included page, ranking, a few words is still ranked the first three pages, a people feel a bit surprised. Here I will not screenshots, why "known to wait" love Shanghai now reacted so quickly, had never encountered such a situation, of course, maybe I always feel love recently with very limited knowledge and scanty information, but Shanghai is not normal! But still think of how to optimize the station after the enterprise.

of course, this principle is quite general, what kind of link is "sincere", what kind of links belong to the "false display of affection"? My personal understanding is linked to natural, not very deliberately in order to send the link to Shanghai dragon, the first link, if the relevant products, and release the platform is also related to the trade. Second, the link should not overdo sth. on a platform, can not have too much the same anchor text or links. Third, whether the link has been clicked, a new algorithm of love Shanghai foreign chain requirements increase, more than a few examples of the common enterprise station is included, the chain less less, but the ranking is very good, said.

station?No good The

"content is king, the chain for the emperor" pattern has been broken, whether Shanghai dragon Er are already out of the chain in the ocean? Stop doing the garbage chain, understanding of foreign chain should change, after several new algorithms the baptism of love Shanghai. How to adjust the enterprise stand optimization strategy? Now we generally felt that the chain is not as awesome, but the chain has much effect, I think through the comparison and analysis of some of the data will be able to see a little traces, as shown below, this is a few enterprises in our sampling station, there are more like this the case, I cannot list. Can be said to have new sites also have old station, there are content to do good, have no what.

to manufacture large quantities of junk the chain not only, but also make your site into the K dilemma, so some enterprises stood outside chain construction in the future should be fine, don’t do too much the chain every day, do some related links, do a few pure text links, change links, this is enough the. In fact, the principle of the chain has not changed, still require a stronger correlation, yesterday I carefully read the latest interpretation of love Shanghai official about the rankings included K station of eight aspects of this article. Love Shanghai’s official spokesman Lee said any search engine, the basic criterion of super chain calculation, the link is genuine promotion website, if there is the exchange of interests, the search engine will identify the current link, the black chain is invalid, I hope you can really win the webmaster recommended.

chain effect is much worse than before, how can we do the chain construction enterprise

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