Wang Peng said the high quality and the high quality of the chain in execution

Wang Peng said the high quality and the high quality of the chain in execution

if you need to create your own blog some related links, some blog is no related articles these, add a > in the

of course do come down if compared with great difficulty, there is a saying that good, one hundred garbage outside the chain not on top of a high quality of the chain, so a number of the chain is a long-term accumulation, so it does not have to worry about too much. Of course, the chain is not useless garbage, because everyone knows that a chain to love Shanghai spiders made entrance channel, let it come to your site.

the next spider came to your site, you need to start to engage in the optimization of the chain. You may also know keyword density, keyword density function of large, many people will direct keyword, his understanding of here simply say, density of repeat, said the first page, keywords mainly in the top and bottom of the page with the increase of the density of the subject, because this is the station the connection and each section of the title, with the relevant keywords column title under repeated density. Said the following pages, pages generally have a onion skin navigation, of course, that is the front page of the station, the onion skin all home to the most important keywords, such as: Xi’an talent network > Xi’an recruitment information; > text.

this is on the one hand, if the word is standing, some stations have related articles and recommend the article out, this is not considered, but still repeated a density problem, mainly to add to the key words in the article, for example, 218 people only network (贵族宝贝218job贵族宝贝), to the word is Xi’an talent network, it can be added: Xi’an talent network, Xi’an talent network that…… like……, Xi’an talent network view is… Like… Some nonsense words to increase density.

of course, here to talk about the chain, the chain is the more the better!? of course it is, but is based on the premise of quality, but a lot of people are talking about the high quality chain, high quality and the chain how discrimination? Here I understand the high quality of the chain is a high weight of the domain name the site, the chain and the strong correlation is high quality the chain, for example, in the A5 forum, the weight of needless to say, you say the station is on the Shanghai Phoenix website optimization website operation and so on, and say my station in Xi’an Shanghai dragon, leave your signature on a Shanghai Longfeng forum post, and on the first page of the article, also explains why so many people love to grab the sofa; or issued an original or false original article and their related articles, and add their anchor Text and love Shanghai related domain, related domain can view the domain related to love Shanghai.

everyone in the optimization of the web site, all relative all know the importance of the chain and in the chain, the chain can consult about the importance of my website optimization of the web site of the chain a paper.

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