To build reasonable chain structure recognize the benefits of the chain

To build reasonable chain structure recognize the benefits of the chain

in a competitive environment, often a chain can be pulled out of the one or two page ranking, why should the company please Shanghai Longfeng, because do not want to spend money on other wrong, so do not expect how much money to buy some high quality of the chain, can only rely on your own. Here I talk about building a model of the chain structure.

you should love Shanghai webmaster tools to verify, will waste the chain off the screen, here, I suggest all is rejected, a left, because the chain of garbage you no good, and I think it is not, if large enough, we can only from this point attack the competitor’s website, you say yes? So how many online bluff, one can see through, only the novice will believe. But you can’t think a little harm is not, for example, a IP spider to a waste site, and found you, followed in the garbage, the site quality is how the spider, the spider is rubbish. The other is assuming the station was K, so the spider is worse.

The number of the chain of the website

therefore, my advice is to have all banned. Then we re build a chain structure. The chain structure must be started from the home page, column page, content page. The content maybe your pages are not very large, but in the later period will slowly increase, so do not worry about it.

make the chain structure, select the platform with word 3-5, a good record, about enough, each platform two. Here, you should notice a bit, choose what platform is? "


staggering, a two-year-old site outside the chain to 30 thousand, but the ranking is very general, told me from the experience, for the chain chain of garbage and copy type, coupled with low quality before the structure is quite chaotic, so there will be a with the number of quality problems.

is a phrase twice, actually have this argument in the Shanghai dragon, a dragon to a Shanghai ER website optimization to the extreme, I can not say. Unless some small sites, small sites are not operating divisions do not belong to the Shanghai dragon ER, might be a clerk to learn some knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

my hand’s website is the website of the Shenzhen hospital, which are quite sensitive to the word

in fact is that the chain regardless of any algorithm out, are very important, every time I took a website, in addition to observe his three elements to write what, if not very bad, I will never change, because I don’t want to trouble unpleasant, of course, the faster the better end of optimization. I’ll be able to proceed to the next item. The second is to look at how the chain of high quality is not high, the structure is reasonable. Here to analyze, quantity, quality, structure rationality is what.

people often ask me, an important chain should do? I would say, if Xi or Gates help you say a word, you also need to work for

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