How to find out the causes and treatment of down right after

How to find out the causes and treatment of down right after

this is not the end, the bottom also stack keywords of the suspects, right down the reason could be in this.

There are

and then look at the site outside the chain and chain, are not sending spam messages, or what the problem is not on this. To sum up, the reason may be that the stack keywords and the right to be reduced, just when I thought I get the right answer, the crowd out a sentence, a few days ago I also changed 3 labels. I instantly hematemesis, do so, love Shanghai don’t drop you right, who fall.

overall, ZhengZhan optimization problem in a complete mess, these are just a small problem, are numerous, the layout is also super bad.

find the reasons about the solution:

I give advice: first Links are deleted, because you are one-way links to other sites, but no matter before or now no other website links to you, a one-time 20 removed a few links on the right, if other conditions cannot do so; then the navigation stack keywords change; then the URL is static, is conducive to the later included; JS didn’t ask him to change, this change is more trouble, will also need people to adjust the website design, and finally all fix, in every stable outside the chain and content, don’t move the layout of the page, usually 1,2 months can be restored.

today in the early hours of the QQ group, someone complained, said the site is down right, let us help to see what the problem is, how to solve, the spirit of mutual help, perhaps you can find some business principles, I will help look after reading what the whole world have to feel what is called the mozhizhemowei Nothing is too strange.. I will give you talk about this website, by the way the site is down right how to find the causes and solutions.

LOGO is a website and painting works, LOGO pictures did not add a hyperlink, title is the benchmark enterprise floor industry and coating of titanium crystal, hundreds of thousands of square meters of engineering performance and coating Engineering Co. Ltd., there is no problem what. Pull down, found that the site was dynamic, open source website, there are at the bottom of the page to JS, and there were 2, 3, and found that URL is dynamic, to praise, it is the talent.

look at Links, see me Mongolia, 21 friends of the chain, are all one-way links, links to love Shanghai, Alibaba, Global trade, business network and other major sites. He is such a new station itself is not how much weight, almost all out. There is a link to the home page more than 100, the weight is higher than usual column page what many, but also can not afford to toss you so.

drop right after the first look at the station




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