How to avoid the search engine optimization trap

How to avoid the search engine optimization trap


one day if you do external links to solve user problems and leave a link to enhance the user’s access cost, so as to enhance the user experience, so your optimization technique is in line with the user, with the user’s behavior is bound to a search engine algorithm, unless the search engine is not for customer service.

is currently recognized as the greatest impact should be in front of the chain said, that those who have the real value of the recommended external links.

At present, most of the so-called Shanghai dragon Are you still in order to optimize the

here I do not rule out the mechanism of some so-called "smart" technology expert using some methods to bypass the search engine, it also get good rankings, but this technique cultivated sites are early death, so want to do station long to maintain a healthy mind, do not with aggressive thoughts, not to blindly to please the search engine and deliberately do external links, grasp a principle of "all things stand in the user’s perspective".


first, I would like to talk about the essence of search engine optimization, personally think that the essence of search engine optimization to enhance the user experience in the real or solve user problems at the same time by natural left link, please note that I used the word "real" is actually in the real help users solve real the problem, "by nature" refers to the way it is natural to leave the chain, leaving the chain’s address is fetched not deliberately.

ER’s work is what? Is the main issue in the external links, as long as possible links to place links, but this is already into the search engine optimization to trap. Will this work for "the most appropriate at this time, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm" search engine is outside the field of people, on the surface of this mu wheat seedling is better than high, but this is to look good while doing work, but ignore the wheat is used to collect results grain, eventually seedlings the death of Tian huang.

then again said search engine ranking mechanism, should be those of higher user experience and valuable information for users convenient present in front of the user in general.

Specific to the

search engine is how to give a "value of the

then, after the above cognition and what should we do to external links and optimize the

method to me personally I can give you the following method reference >

website and deliberately released outside the chain? Are you to please the search engine to buy software to build website and blog sprocket group? Do you really know how to search engine optimization? You know the nature of the search engine? Do you have a look at the passing in and pulled the car at the same time? As a three years engaged in the search engine optimization webmaster I want to and experience some experience in recent years to write out for your reference criticism, hoping to bring some inspiration and help to the novice webmaster, also hope you will be criticism.

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