Love Shanghai cancel medical website bidding opportunities to Shanghai dragon er

Love Shanghai cancel medical website bidding opportunities to Shanghai dragon er

Of course, The first location of Of course, the design of

medical website can be said to be regional. The target audience is mainly local and surrounding areas near the crowd, so in the beginning of the construction site, the domain name server and spelling should as far as possible with local color. Select the local IDC service providers can improve website access speed, bring a good user experience. The domain name spelling can also be cast by locals, improve the domain name identification.

in the external links the site development is very important, but also avoid spamming.

love Shanghai bidding against search engine ranking intention, optimization of poor Shanghai Longfeng site often can quickly obtain a former rankings and plenty of traffic through Shanghai to spread love. This phenomenon also makes the credibility and transparency of the widely criticized love Shanghai. However, recent exposure of CCTV love Shanghai began to converge, recently the author found medical type website is cancelled for promotion, replaced by natural ranking. This phenomenon will undoubtedly do medical sites but has been downhearted Shanghai bring a glimmer of dawn dragon er.

"fresh and natural color and layout structure, make the patient can open the page there is a comfort in your choice, so as to obtain the user’s favor and bring benefits to the enterprise. Closer to the region’s population in the design of logo and the background and picture, such as the Xi’an area of the site can take the wild goose pagoda, Xi’an Regional Symbols as a background, Hangzhou can take West Lake as the background, so that the user to open the page first impression is very kind, so as to achieve the goal of attracting customers.

I worked in a hospital for the website done Shanghai dragon, because medical website PPC confusion, which makes Shanghai dragon does not see the result, Shanghai Longfeng level in competitive rankings obviously before become be cast into the shade. So the person in charge of the hospital was forced to abandon the normal Shanghai dragon, also joined the ranks of the bidding promotion of dragons and fishes jumbled together. After tossing into sufficient funds, but not for the benefit of the direct proportion. So the website SEM though hot, without a healthy environment, in exchange for the lost money you earn not to call the cup with the consequences. Now love Shanghai to cancel the auction of medical type website, I want to be in love with the sea to create a good business environment, so that the best corporate website best ranking.

the content of the website information, as far as possible concise close to the lives of ordinary people. Avoid long: the nature of the article, seemingly professional, may make some patients flinch. Writing the best title and the first paragraph can appear target keywords, allowing users to find what they want to find the information in the first time.

for this opportunity, the type of medical website Shanghai dragon how to do, after a change, given the following suggestions, hoping to make those who have tried to give up the Shanghai dragon er a little courage, if there are different opinions, the right to make a.

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