love the sea station was K off to try this approach can recover

love the sea station was K off to try this approach can recover

first, K off the stand of the common problem.

the last few days I have been in the chain, you can query the results I see, change several times a day, I hope that these changes can quickly let love Shanghai crawl into my home, restore the rank when the chain I pay much attention to A5 and home owners like this the platform, after all their weight is very high, can let love Shanghai have a new understanding of and design of the station, or if they grab mistake, fast recovery, and the update site, can quickly collect, then in the thorough investigation of Links, do fuck it is normal. Do not say to the indicators are very good, the normal line.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been in love in Shanghai adjustment, how to keep the rankings, how to solve the several love love Shanghai Shanghai adjustment, did not expect today Friday my station was in love with the sea K out, now it was all said to be black Friday, the site has been K off my to all the webmaster don’t want to happen, but now, we have to think of ways to solve the problems, first is the search, after all, there are still many sites no problem, I recently also summarize some common is K website, also looking for solutions, I explain my analysis myself, I hope to help you, I also hope to help themselves.


once we had the above problems, this Friday’s adjustment has more or less influence, ranking drop I feel is not necessarily better than the K K once the recovery is good, can have a good ranking, ranking drop is probably not suitable for the adjustment of the search engine, this is my guess, this the solution, I confused, but I feel the update and have the high quality of the chain is certainly good for ranking.

: the first impact is not great in love several times before the adjustment of Shanghai, but the site is not normal, not grab the wrong keywords, is a snapshot update slow, this is one of the most important points.

fifth: I found that most Links have problems, not broken chain, is the site of the home page is not the first or K away, I suspect that the number and quality of Links have great influence on the adjustment.

second: Web site update is not very regular, sometimes also reproduced some things, some of it is updated, but the Internet is very common, is not conducive to the search engines.

third: more or less on the website of the adjustment, some of the keyword density and layout of large-scale adjustment, which affected search engines crawl, the weight is greatly reduced,

fourth: many websites sometimes open, or when the love Shanghai grab open, this has affected the stability of the rankings and keywords.

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