Please stick to the core competitiveness analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Dragon

Please stick to the core competitiveness analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Dragon


spiders crawl value: whatever you do what industry of Shanghai dragon, if you want to have the ideal ranking in the search engine, search engines must solve the problem, then your website code must be on the spider friendly, about web design, Shanghai launched a love love Shanghai webmaster guidelines Google launched Google webmaster guidelines. The two search engines on the website design problems have a clear explanation.

user experience value: the value of user experience is mainly reflected in the page design, website production, but the production of web content should be complete and solid product combination, need not be exaggerated, but do not need to hide, the core value of production through the website of the embodiment of the content of enterprise products is the needs of most users, such as network with the product of propaganda, why I can network with the word and multi word optimization to love Shanghai home? Is the author of the network products have sufficient understanding, from 2003 -2011 years I have been in Jiangsu – Jiangdu – Bridge Town, here is the network with products gathered, and the mesh belt the main business dealings 8 years of production, manufacturing machinery to network with catalogs from the mesh belt, is now planning practitioners to more than 20 manufacturers, is not an exaggeration to say that in the Industrial Park, the name of the network with almost all manufacturers have heard.

The value of

link: link value includes the value chain and the chain of the site itself, product and brand chain is equivalent to the flagship enterprise, core competitive value products, brand enterprises to launch, from their own web site links, competitive products, brand value chain should be given more support for example, the enterprise brand, product key. The value of the chain is equivalent to the user of the corporate brand, product.


I do not know whether you see the ZAC blog, also do not know whether you are familiar with the ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon combat password" even if you are familiar with the "Shanghai dragon combat password if you understand the ZAC writing purpose, whether to grasp the essence, whether the real Shanghai dragon. Today to share what is the core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng development today, may not only make Shanghai Longfeng ER headache, but will let too many business owners have a headache, too much of the Shanghai dragon, too much pride in the Shanghai dragon ER, to the immediate trivial interests hurt business owners, more hurt myself, I do not know which kind of mentality of Shanghai would you consider ER back to Phoenix, to afford this occupation? I am a Shanghai dragon

social value: social value is mainly reflected in the site is accepted by the user, when the site is accepted by the user, the user is active collection, recommend, share your website, website user experience from the value, as long as you do the website content and the actual production line, and create maximum benefits for the user. So the site will be generated from the user’s mouth site reputation, resulting in the expansion of social value.

, a website to optimize the Shanghai Dragon

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