The new site of the Shanghai how to improve the weight of love

The new site of the Shanghai how to improve the weight of love

this is easier said than done work. Many sites did not value lies in that website is not the core competitiveness, Moteshai, website content is not attractive. Here must be the first non original, outstanding. The original is not important, what is important is excellent; brains write original, good content than others, learning advanced, prominent characteristics, make further improvement and optimization, build their own core style and content. The content of the website for a little amount; "

because the website weight belongs to the status of the web site in the search engine, so the higher the weight, the higher the qualification, included is also higher, ranking the better, of course this new site no treatment, like people, the struggle for the old guys, already set up authority, laid the status of the industry, you a new website novice, how easily

here is the conventional lifting weights approach means love Shanghai, and not what is novel, insist on the implementation of. Maybe someone who doesn’t know a lot of dissatisfaction: adhere to the implementation of an important, you this is not nonsense? In fact, is not how much you insist on the implementation of comprehensive and painstaking, 37 site diagnosis of view is independent for individuals and small groups, to a point (each square below that of the surface can be permeated with a number of points, we have to do is to set a good try to improve it) to achieve the ultimate, have very good effect, of course, to promote the new site of the Shanghai love weight effect is also very effective, do not believe you can try, the ultimate in only one point

many people have said that the new website promoting love Shanghai weight is very difficult, especially now that love Shanghai for new sites increasingly stringent audit period, more and more long, included more and more difficult. Indeed, for a new website, the most is the lack of time. The shorter the time, the weight is not easy to love Shanghai, so many people do love Shanghai by means of short-term weight would promote, others are willing to listen to.

talent shows itself?

regularly do high quality web content

but we think, for a new website, the website may be more easily than the old love Shanghai lifting weight. Of course, the new site here is that the formal, non edge, health website. Both ends but often, the reason that the new site may be easier to improve weight than the old love Shanghai website, with these points illustrate: 1 search engines will give new initial weight value (here refers to the simple website weight ranking, not on the whole); promotion effect of 2 new sites generally obvious early this is, from 0 to 1; 3 old sites tend to have the ranking and traffic bottlenecks on the ceiling; authority, weight accumulation and structure of 4 qualitative old site, easy to restricted, but not easy to change and transformation; 5 new sites to locate small and beautiful, old sites are often bloated, even the same as the vertical field, the new station is also easy to attract spiders access; 6 new web site operators more diligent, more likely to go beyond the old station. Is the core to do: quantity, quality and people; so long as your life bravely, new love Shanghai enhance weight faster.


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