Using the Canonical tag to let website ranking more strong

Using the Canonical tag to let website ranking more strong

2, standard page structure, emphasizing the uniqueness of URL page, the related page ranking;

Figure two: What

of a group of identical or highly similar ", through the use of the Canonical tag can tell the search engines what page to regulate", to regulate the URL and avoid the search results appear more content with the same or similar pages, to help solve the problems included content repetition, repetition and weight to avoid the dispersion of the same content display the web page code, weight lifting, optimization rules for web page ranking. "


write the Canonical tag:

1, when the pseudo static and dynamic pages of the coexistence of the most rational use;

when using the Canonical


1, use the Canonical tag can solve the "full repetition and high similarity, in order to prevent the repeated search engine grab and included, web weight;

the following by the legend to illustrate the advantages and usage of Canonical;

2, on the site list page and the content page produced when paging is used;


love Shanghai launched a series of algorithms for upgrading the chain and content, a large number of website ranking decreased or even disappeared, the more serious ZhengZhan be K, can not recover for a long time. Circle a groaning.after, miserable, many webmaster friends completely lost, don’t know where to start to solve a series of difficult problems, some of the station to change the domain name to redo, exit some webmaster circle, but regardless of the outcome, love Shanghai love Shanghai, still is a lot of parents.

quoted by Shanghai’s official love above, we can draw the following 3 key information:

3, some of the servers cannot be set 301 steering problem, you can use the Canonical

web site column >

: a web site of pseudo static and dynamic coexistence of URL

encounter these problems, we must start from their own, this article mainly explain in detail the importance of Canonical tags and usage in a web page from the web structure, in front of the Canonical tag, the first reference to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Canonical label interpretation:

through the HTML page part of each non specification version, add a rel=" canonical" link to the specified standard.


3, can make the search engine crawls you want to emphasize the content of the URL canonical label, the search engine will be repeated as other page content, the weight distribution of these duplicate content is no longer involved in the page;

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