What are those things on the keywords ranking improve website traffic

What are those things on the keywords ranking improve website traffic

of course, here to remind the tribe, to find their own software to brush Guan Jian words, but because of a search engine is used to detect software brush keywords flow, it can easily backfire, ranking decreased. The tribe has a dielectric Taobao buy Guan Jian word ranking Shanghai dragon service experience of the article, you can see.


now has many large forum, we often do the chain to web site traffic, in fact, like A5, 28 push this, the biggest advantage is the large flow, included fast, will stimulate the chain we desire to go there. At the same time, we should also have this idea, that is to flow up will certainly stimulate the Guan Jian word ranking to improve, but the ranking does not necessarily have the corresponding but very large flow.

2. if the site to increase the volume of traffic from search engines, from the keyword search, it will promote the keywords ranking promotion. The reason: the keyword search, enter your web traffic, simply shows that your site user experience is good, the visitor’s Pro gaze, which reflects the website user experience is good, from which the user can find the required information.

1. if the site to increase traffic from outside the chain, or a large part of the flow are derived, then it is possible to promote all keywords website ranking promotion. The reason: the increase in the chain, search engines can also enhance the corresponding statistical weight, ranking also has a role in promoting.

3, if the website >

if you want to be a Guan Jian word ranking to do it, if popular, very difficult, then we can do well in the station around the main Guan Jian word to the long tail keywords ranking, so as to obtain good traffic sources.

well, here we look at the number of site traffic, visitors, visitors browsing amount of these data, and increase website traffic, will promote the keywords ranking promotion? This is to be divided into three cases to consider:

but need to attract our attention is that from the chain of garbage flow, or malicious clicks, or a program of spam sites, this kind of flow does not pass any weight, light shielding search garbage outside chain, while being punished. The tribe clearly remember, before the site has a Guan Jian word ranking good, later being malicious brush one or two days later, after an article in the Guan Jian word ranking dropped to more than 100.

is a web site traffic life, no traffic to the website, the equivalent of a pool of stagnant water. While users of your web site launched non-stop access, which is equivalent to your site into the living water, then the index, the search engine on the web in all aspects such as weight, Guan Jian word ranking will have changed. Here again fell in love with the sea tribe index to explain, that is when the site traffic to a certain extent, included in the site will achieve the effect.

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