The long tail keywords truth good shade under a tree

The long tail keywords truth good shade under a tree

website optimization about some skills, many owners will be exposed to the terminology of long tail keywords "," long tail keywords ", after all, is the main site in the core keywords derived some words and words related to the site, although the main keywords have a considerable amount of clicks on search engines, because of fierce competition. With the Internet and the dominance of a particular situation, for later, want the website to get more traffic, simple optimization of the main keywords have no what advantage, but only in the long tail key word hard, so as to obtain considerable website traffic.

such as the March mystery Malaysia Airlines lost contact event, media attention at the MAS event at the same time, will be the history of some aircraft mysterious disappearance also turned out, and these past time have some influence events, because of the MAS this incentive, once again attracted the attention of the audience. So, why there are many websites when doing optimization, love will be popular event + keyword optimization, the optimization is far fetched will get a certain amount of clicks, and hot after the incident, but also to get some traffic.

a lot of grass root webmaster sigh, because it is not "handsome", not "two rich generation", not "Li Gang" son…… So it’s so hard to mix. After all, grass root >

recent news reports, information APP today’s headlines completed C $100 million round of financing. After the completion of the C round of financing, today’s headlines valuation has more than $500 million. When it comes to today’s headlines, people could not help but think of "always think of the headlines, but missed the sum of headlines" singer Wang Feng, however, is because Wang Feng and headlines will continue to get "indissoluble bound", and click. Do not underestimate the energy of today’s headlines, it brought together almost all of the major events on the Internet, "history has a surprisingly similar, do not think that a popular event on the past, there are always" people "to find their origin, then simply from the flow point of view, today’s headlines not only captured the moment" the hottest events ", and the broadcast of the" historical event "will also have a lot of people will search for the source, this is the real value of today’s headlines.


in the theory of long tail keywords, American Chris Anderson’s "long tail theory" is the most representative, through his research on the Amazon library, found such a problem: the Amazon book sales although the best-selling book has brought considerable benefits, while 25% of the sales from the popular books. Anderson found in the research of online songs in many popular songs, after entering a recession, there is one click on the download, that is to say, the songs concern will always fall to zero, some people will always be remembered in a condition to download. This is one of the sources of long tail keywords, hot things will not always be popular, but once in the past, but also in a period of time because of some special reasons, again arouse people’s memory.

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