The website is search engine why hair was plucked the profound reflection of website

The website is search engine why hair was plucked the profound reflection of website

later update process, because this is a part-time job, sometimes work home in a bad mood, it directly without an update, a website is updated 2 times per week, and the update of the article is to copy, try.

because this is the first site, I also saw a lot of do open shop websites on the Internet, he also established a domain name from, perhaps we can see that novice to open a Taobao shop, because not familiar with the situation, I chose a multi column program, I will not write a collection so when the rules, the line on the website I find several shop manual station, uploaded dozens of articles in, in the end I have to upload after love Shanghai, GL, soso, Youdao, sougou and so on search engine submission own site, submit here there are still some effect, the third day most search engines are included in my website, especially love Shanghai search engine, also give my new Taobao keyword tenth stores in this good place, I was also very happy. For his first website can be successful, there is a little big with pride.


can be seen from the figure, this website has been completely in love with the sea K, now is K3 days later, I have until today to just return to God, a devoted half effort and do stand hardworking website was K. Now think about it, the site was K reasons or because of his own negligence, does not comply with the law, in the website K before it stopped recording and snapshot update, but they do not think that, until now the site is completely K, is to be the site by analysis of K reasons that published the text in the Admin5 today, the hope can help to some other owners, after reading this article also to remind themselves of their role.


content, website keywords and titles too, because this is the first site, I do not know how to set the keywords and title, included in the key words and title later in my opinion search volume is not large, so the change in the title and key words website, this is caused by the change before the site is K is a page, then has not changed, I estimate that this change makes the search engine completely on my impression of the site is reduced, I may not change the website title and keywords website can not be K.

site was included after the lazy people will show up, there are 5 columns of my website, if you add 10 articles every day if the website is manually collected are also collected 50, so I started to slow down the workload of website daily collected 25 articles, namely each column collect 5, behind the feeling of manual collection takes time, so every day, even do not want to manual acquisition, which leads to the update site without any rules, lead content update is serious lag, finally caused the search engine friendly degree decreased gradually.

This is the

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