A big impact and the actual dry cargo Shanghai Longfeng case

A big impact and the actual dry cargo Shanghai Longfeng case

, the old case with no meaning, is the operation of the case and can not disclose more information, after thinking, perhaps only the most suitable (never to tell you, this is a case of leadership teach only implicitly saying).

under the first to introduce the project over background: an industrial products distributor, electric station.

2, the user in the search of what

well, do Shanghai Longfeng, you must first master the target site data, no data Shanghai, everything is empty. What the data themselves. An old saying goes, life is like XX, myself have ample food and clothing.


What is the cause of )

saw the data, believe that many children have a number in mind, page 10w+, only the 1w+ index less than 10%, the average daily 500+ visits, the order of 10W website, really low. From which we can see that the site index will certainly have a big problem, as to why the index is so low, if there are other fatal problems, these also need further analysis.


At the end of the


keyword collected summarized below: screening, become


B, active mining user needs to use a variety of tools (word: love love Shanghai, 5118 stations, etc.) collection;

you are looking forward to what? Yes, this is not the background.

1, the basic data of

"locomotive" to open up, 5k+ product category, 3k+ brand products, product group 2w+ (14w+ SKU, not released page) was greeted. (as for the "locomotive"? In acquiring and screening. Significant, if the "locomotive" do not understand the children’s shoes, please love Shanghai, I believe will bring you unexpected harvest.


page 10w+, is already a good level, if the above problems, traffic can certainly be greatly improved. But whether there are other user demand content we are not planning on the site, it can also create a greater level of user needs to enhance the flow of page, and thus greater? Well, yes, two:

well, the site index 1w+ (less than 10%), the average daily non brand word Shanghai dragon 500+ visit. This, of course is to get love from Shanghai Webmaster Platform and GA.

data analysis

A, competitive analysis: analysis of the industrial products industry is a good site (Alibaba and Marco Polo);

The amount of


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