Long Jun use the analysis of website search engine search instruction

Long Jun use the analysis of website search engine search instruction

, the SITE instruction and expand the webmaster.

only for love

1, a website of all relevant domains: domain:+ domain name.

only for love

two, the Domain directive and expand the webmaster. [Shanghai]

2, a website related domain in a period of time. Site is similar to the above query method here. Within 24 hours of the new query related domain is typed in the browser address bar: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=domain%3A (domain name) & lm=1; new query related domain within a week will be the end of digital URL to 7 can be. Similarly, query a month, a year is to change the figure on the line. Here you can also provide the query function of many webmaster tools, to the owners of the house CHIN>

3, website column page and all pages. Expand the site instruction, such as many of our website integrated forum, and the forum did not enable two domain names, such as the Shanghai dragon WHY forum. We have included this method query website forum column so as follows: site:+ domain name /bbs. This method is also applicable to inquiry into the first floor column page. [love] for Shanghai

Hello, I am the Dragon Jun. Many webmaster gave me the title of this article, I may think that these instructions are in Big deal, webmaster every day, not familiar with the familiar, is nothing more than " site:" and " domain" instruction. In fact, these advanced search instructions have more specific usage, many owners do not know, only know that most of the number of all page query their website is love Shanghai included, and the number of domain containing related all love Shanghai included in the page, only this. Today Changsha Shanghai Longfeng share to further expand these advanced directives, let Shanghai dragon Er fully grasp their own and competitors’ website, convenient to do research, more in-depth analysis.

1, a website all indexed by search engines page. This will not say, instruction: site:+ domain name. [general]

2, a website is search engine included pages in a period of time. We want to be included in the query site within 24 hours of the situation how to check? Then we can enter the following url:贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s in the browser address bar? Wd=site%3A (domain name) & lm=1. At the end of the number 1 within 1 days, then the query method 7 days only at the end of the figure to 30, one month and one year as query method. Note here is only for a day, seven days a month, a year and all the time the search query. [Shanghai]

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