Chief in Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to know and do

Chief in Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to know and do

and six chat some friends will ask: "how much time do you spend every day to do keyword ranking? How long can row on the home page, how to do some of the popular word ranking?" the friend is clearly the limitation of understanding in Shanghai Longfeng do keywords ranking above six, here to highlight a sentence, the key words the ranking is not equal to the Shanghai dragon, now many people do Shanghai Longfeng not well planned, their ultimate goal is just the target keywords ranking do up. Not considered the transformation and return, in fact for professional Shanghai dragon, in addition to this step outside but also key words have a lot of work we need to improve and do today, life together and discuss how to do well in addition to some things after initial keywords ranking, we need to understand and talk about something to do.

four, the network marketing and promotion. A part of the Shanghai dragon belongs to the network marketing, SEM can also have video mail promotion, promotion, marketing, promotion and so on micro-blog QQ. Let more users on the Internet can be found on us, and we can easily find, the promotion for our Shanghai Longfeng results will bring a lot of.

two, enhance the site overall weight. Here is a popular "one by one", grasp the key in the key words, a stable upgrade, make steady progress, some of the important long tail word the inside pages as home to do the chain, increase the page elements, with page speed or with sea statistics to detect, gradually for the accumulation of weight to lay a good foundation. When updating the content we have planned for early in the chain, do the chain also can evenly transfer the weight, the chain is not only the home page, send multiple page links in the overall weight, enhance the stability of the site do.


three, the layout of the long tail word more. When the main keyword can bring flow into the bottleneck, to enhance the flow of the first time we will think of the optimization of the long tail word. Six once wrote an article "details in the chain of magic, let the keywords ranking soared" long tail keywords said a web site is the site of many building blocks. What is difficult for competitors to exceed these countless long tail keywords, long tail keywords stable accumulation is the core competitiveness of our site, is also the highest conversion rate of the long tail keywords keywords.

, stability. "Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to keep country" saying this also applies to the Shanghai dragon keywords ranking, one of the words just come, we are most worried about is the ranking is not stable. So we are in quite a long period of time or to be like the beginning at the site keywords ranking as hard to do, to send the chain. And when the keywords ranking up later we can get some data, the late maintenance said another reason is the user needs to maintain a high amount of click, click the website ranking will be getting better and better, and constantly improve the user experience of increased access to viscosity, is our long-term planning important keywords can stabilize the.


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