Analysis of the cause of the sudden fall of site traffic

Analysis of the cause of the sudden fall of site traffic

like many webmaster, I also pay close attention to the change of traffic to the site, because the traditional profit model and the single site is too important. But today that a sudden collapse of site traffic. Only about 1/10 of the original quite. See the traffic statistics, it really made me panic. Then think about recent site situations: the server will hang up a few days before isolation, on-line to accelerate the music service, love Shanghai recent adjustment algorithm and so on, analysis of the causes of sudden drop then entered the site traffic state. The direction of thinking mainly include the following:

is the problem of traffic statistics tools (such as upgrading);

search engine punishment: This is not impossible, in the Chinese mainland as the author of this type of information from the website, search engine traffic is accounted for a large proportion, especially the flow of love Shanghai. If you fall in love with the sea and a algorithm to adjust the site to the K, then traffic plummeted also be not at all surprising. Taking into account the love Shanghai official recently released to upgrade pomegranate algorithm notice, the author to the site suffered punishment (manslaughter pomegranate algorithm). But when I analyze the statistical data again, I found love from Shanghai traffic in the proportion of all search engines and no major changes, is still about 70% of the share. Obviously, this doesn’t make sense, because if you love Shanghai to punish the site, then the ratio is definitely a great change. The possibility of all search engines at the same time adjustment algorithm is almost impossible, so the possibility of punishment has been excluded from the Shanghai love.

to find out the real reason

is not a sudden decrease in traffic from search engines (such as relevant? And love the recent Shanghai pomegranate algorithm);

will not be other reasons, such as accelerating

server: This is my prime suspect, because recently do not know whether there is malicious attack website, some of the problems often occur and cannot access. And the website server problems, flow naturally began to fall. Wait, but I do not want to understand, before the site is completely no problem, traffic, this time the situation is: site traffic, and I tried to be using a mobile phone can access. So initially ruled a server crash suspected of causing the site to flow, but the press did find that there is a problem with the server, but before the access, traffic and daily hours also far ah, how to explain this?

flow? music?

is a server problem caused the sudden collapse of

traffic statistics tool fault: so I started to suspect that is not their own use of the statistics of this love Shanghai traffic statistics tool features appear what problem? I love Shanghai then went to the official website to see when the statistics update announcement, the results did not find what. But there is not enough convincing evidence of statistical tools is no problem, because it is not any time any adjustment will, or.

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