23 year old guy venture idea received tens of millions of dollars of strangers investmentFire 2016 n

23 year old guy venture idea received tens of millions of dollars of strangers investmentFire 2016 n

Prodi is CEO of Hello, and the device they manufacture is called the sensory sleep tracker". The device looks like a ball and can be placed on your bedside table. When you sleep, it monitors all the environmental factors in your bedroom. The idea of a sensory sleep tracker comes from helping you develop good sleep habits and finding out what causes you to wake up at night.

to "China Silicon Valley" financial technology then aggregation

, Prodi, said that his "sensory sleep Tracker" was inspired by a basic concept: everyone needs sleep, and most people want to know how to get better sleep. "Most people might not walk too much every day, but everyone sleeps every day," Prodi told BI in an interview…… Are you energetic during the day, and your sleep the night before is very important."

Hello’s fundraising activities on the platform Kickstarter were just over Friday, and the company has been well above its initial $100 thousand fundraising target, raising funds of up to $2 million 400 thousand. But these funds are only a fraction of what Hello has so far raised. The Wall Street journal confirmed that Prodi and his company had received $10 million 500 thousand in financing from angel investors. To this end, Prodi’s company’s total funding has reached $13 million.

BI Chinese station reported on August 23rd

less than 40 years, Shenzhen from a small village into today gathered a large number of science and technology, culture, design and other top talent "Chinese Silicon Valley", and the birth of a Tencent, HUAWEI, ZTE and many other technology giants. At present, Shenzhen has more than thirty thousand scientific and technological enterprises, among them, the state-level high-tech enterprises reached 5524, in 2015, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises to achieve output value of 1 trillion and 729 billion 690 million yuan.

from the capital of the cottage to the hardware paradise, despite the rising prices, the risk of speeding up the flow of hair industry, but Shenzhen is still competitive, from the United States

, however, over the past year and a half of the skyrocketing housing prices so that the Shenzhen city life cost, the cost of innovation is very high, there are many media reports of high-tech talents are considering evacuation in Shenzhen. In order to explore the innovation of science and technology, technical talents for the nine rich entrepreneurship competition to just ended in the Western business center of Chengdu, many entrepreneurial projects are encouraged to register also highlights Chengdu this rise in the venture capital’s impact on Shenzhen.

in the past year and a half, because prices from more than 20000 flat rose to nearly 50000 level, Shenzhen has attracted national and the world’s attention recently, even once heard giants such as HUAWEI and plans to leave Shenzhen because of high housing prices. Shenzhen as early Chinese city of science and technology, brings together a large number of high-tech elite, but now also faced the brain drain embarrassing situation, so the future of Shenzhen in the field of science and technology innovation development and transformation, by the parties concerned. In June 17th, the Chengdu Railway Station just bid farewell to the nine rich "fire" of Sino US financial science and technology entrepreneurship competition will come to this, although known as the "Chinese Silicon Valley" but some embarrassment to the innovation of the city – Shenzhen, explore the Fintech innovation of enterprises in the future China potential here, and through the support of many aspects, so that innovators can take root Shenzhen, as a member of the future "Chinese Silicon Valley".

in fact, compared to Yu Zheng in innovation, entrepreneurship, "puberty" in Chengdu, Shenzhen is more like a career transformation of young people". Chengdu should take the innovative road, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenzhen can learn from; as a pioneer of domestic innovation and entrepreneurship development to "eat crab", it seems that only the other side of the ocean "Silicon Valley" can be used as references, meet the transformation of those can hardly be avoided.

data shows that Shenzhen is worthy of China as a capital of science and technology. As the first special economic zone, Shenzhen has various advantages in terms of policy, capital, talents and markets. When the traditional environment, patent, labor costs and other problems become more and more China hinder the economic development of the "stumbling block", as a pioneer of reform and opening up China Shenzhen walk in the forefront of China innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prodi’s investors include technology tycoon, such as network tools before PayPal CEO David · David Marcus payment; Marcus Facebook, vice president of partners Dan · Ross Dan Rose, shlf1314 micro-blog Android vice president of product management, he is now the vice president of global millet Hugo Hugo Barra and · etc..

Prodi was eager for invention when he was very young. Forbes magazine reported that when Prodi was 9 years old, he saw the book "your own web site" in a bookstore, and then he taught himself about HTML. By the age of 12, Prodi had set up other professional websites.

technology innovation faces high house price threat,

for the 23 year old young people, most people may have just graduated from University, in a tangle of jobs or something, and James · Proud James Proud has raised its startups to millions of dollars of funds. Prodi’s company makes a device that helps people sleep better and deeper.

Prodi said he was always eager to go to college, but when he graduated from high school, he changed his mind. In 2011 he chose to join the PayPal co-founder, the legendary Silicon Valley investor Peter ·, T> Peter


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