An example of how to make new station included faster to fly

An example of how to make new station included faster to fly

the last point is to make our site included the rise, the station optimization is one of the basic problems that you cannot ignore. For the film site.

first said that the station, the station on the line on the page will soon be included in search engines, the snapshot is updated, but there is a problem that has been included to keep up, although a month has passed, but still not included what improvement, even if there are a few articles that search engines can’t how long will be deleted. I know this is every new will encounter the situation, because the search engine is currently reviewing your search engine, but in order to reduce the time of the audit, the author in the chain construction and content construction and website internal optimization respectively in the next work, below I will introduce a.

first, we talk about the construction of the chain, because the site is a movie site, so the construction of the chain channels are quite rich, I just began to do is to collect a lot of video entertainment forum, a registered account in the above, set the signature, every day in the above post or reply then. To tell you the truth of this method is very useful, it can from the background traffic sources can be seen. Another effective outside chain resources, which is love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, is one of the recognized weight high platform. We need to make good use of, the author found some relatively unpopular films or TV series name, and then create their own entries, finally in the entry and their own site to watch the address, which not only can obtain the weight of love Shanghai encyclopedia, you can also get some traffic to our site, kill two birds with one stone. In addition to quiz platform such as search and ask know we can do it every day, do not have much weight, high quality is the key.

a new station on the line, in order to obtain good performance in the search engine, every webmaster will need to pay a lot of effort. Optimization for many grassroots webmaster want to try every kind of site. Especially for the film site, this is not the author of the recent movie another type of site on the line, after a long time of continuous efforts, the author of this movie site finally began to include. Today I checked the included has already reached 1620, as shown below. In this paper the author will share recently included in the site of efforts, hope for those trying to help the movie site.

in the content of the optimization of the site, because the site is a movie site, site content information only through data acquisition, and acquisition caused by the problem is basically and many site content information are the same, in addition to the author of some pseudo original content every day. There is a very useful method, that is to collect data on some movie video software, similar to PPS because of this kind of software on the movie review information is not indexed by search engines, we can collect a lot of information from the top critics to enrich the content of our site. So we have the original site of fresh content.

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