Hu Weiwu why don’t Godson join in with foreign giantsThrough the recruitment website daily income o

Hu Weiwu why don’t Godson join in with foreign giantsThrough the recruitment website daily income o

5. advertising account see below for registration tutorial



the latest announcement: announcement of the alliance.

second is our industry chain organization ability is not strong enough, Intel is the organization of the industrial chain, quanta, Foxconn is the Intel, let you sell what price, you can only sell what price. Our organization is not strong enough. In this context, the Godson will be more expensive, even if I CPU to the very cheap, but the host factory to sell that price.

advertising alliance website, and then click register. According to the actual situation to fill in the information, it is important to account receivables not incorrectly, or collect money. Note: if you want to fill in my account number, I was quite happy to drop. We have no web site name and URL, can fill in one, this is not important. Click here to register fill in.

we’re going to be looking for developers to launch a developer’s plan that will allow developers to get the Godson computers very cheaply, but it’s going to take a process.

!The first step of >

we want to promote part-time advertising advertising. On the mobile phone into the registration, when a user through you recommend successfully registered and you will get 6 yuan Commission, income is daily, as long as the income of the day to the settlement..

advertising allianceOpen the

science and engineering force: we rarely see Godson in our daily life, and the price of Godson on the Dragon dream website is more expensive. So, why Intel performance is good, the price is cheaper, Godson performance is not as good as Intel, the price is expensive,

registered after a successful login. You can see the member login backstage. I introduce the background function:

3. in the recruitment website information every day with a few user access. not too few, recruitment information released a long time, the information can give you with a few users every day. Released one hundred information every day is N users visit. We have to do is send N recruitment information, of course you don’t be silly in a recruitment website N recruitment information, each station 3-4 is enough. Find a few more stations, the recruitment website duozhaone.

is a transformation after accumulation, development of the focus shift from end to end technology market, past performance, ecological problems restrict the development of dragon core, but as technology and ecological improvement, quantitative into qualitative change, dragon core technology has been changing from end to end market.

Hu Weiwu: at present, Godson is facing two changes.

past the main market is the military godson. But now the government has started from the main market, change to more areas. We used to open the market, everyone some core computer not enough attention, no such plan. We should pay attention to opening the market in the future, at that time we think Godson computer is cheap.

now high prices, mainly because of such a number of reasons, one is relatively small output, production is less, the price will be more expensive.

1. on a computer. nonsense

2. has an IQ of Internet people. is you, if you are a pig will also.

3. recruitment websites are free job recruitment information. A lot of free drop drop. Don’t drop charges.

preparation ready, we began to

2. release information on the existence of long period, general information time is about 30-60 days. The forum is better than.


4. new registered 126 mailboxes behind said mailbox use

academician Li Guojie at the conference site

well, the preliminary work done if you can earn hundred days closer to a little.

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to go through the recruitment website issued recruitment Posts get directional flow to promote part-time advertising service. Why should we go to the recruitment website advertising and not to other website? Because we want to promote is to recruit part-time advertising, website advertising effect is best of course. And in the recruitment website issued recruitment information from N benefits:

25, dragon core held in 2017 in Beijing dragon product conference and partner conference. At the conference, Godson released a series of products, such as Godson 3A3000, Godson 2K and so on. Many of Godson’s partners have also released a range of machine products.

and godson, the latest 3A2000 and 3A3000 computers are relatively rare, dragon and dream, although the whole factory has sold 3A2000 and 3A3000 computers, but the price is very expensive. In response to this phenomenon, before the press conference, the Department of engineering forces interviewed the chief scientist Hu Weiwu godson.

1. member recruitment website mostly part-time job, good advertising effect.

although we occasionally heard about the Godson of news, such as the Beidou satellite equipped with godson, for example, Hisense will buy Godson GS232 IP authorized for the first 4K 120Hz high definition processing chip, Haier to buy 3 million sets of dragon core for intelligent home appliance and so on. But in the PC field, Godson computers are relatively rare, even if the Godson lovers can buy only a few years ago, Godson 2 series, and dragon core, 3A1000, 3B1500 notebook, Godson box and PC.

3. Alipay account or commercial bank account used to drop money.


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