Winter Shuabing North meichuang circle spring where investors voteHow should find more referrals i

Winter Shuabing North meichuang circle spring where investors voteHow should find more referrals i

"traveler" entrepreneurs, namely with the trend of the public to join the venture entrepreneurs, many of them may not create a great enterprise, but to a good situation to do a large. Not much said here.

has not ended in the first quarter of 2016, and the venture capital circle in America has been flooded with more negative market signals:

"passer by" investors are emerging investors in the past few years as the economy grows. These investors are individuals with high net worth. Because they saw the potential of early investments with high returns, they began to invest in angels, even though they had limited technology and business models for their companies. They have joined either the Crowdfunding platform or the Angel Club, but the common thing is that they invest a lot of money in start-ups. On top of that, the Fed has kept interest rates constant

this article aims at the current venture capital situation in North America, lists and interprets some of the possible causes of capital winter, and explores the opportunities for investors in this case.

you can also set up a blog to promote the project, better known as NetEase, sh419, Sina skyline, blog and so on, these places have gathered a lot of popularity, if you can write some soft Wen is also a good way to attract visitors.

‘s entrepreneurial boom in the past few years blew valuations of early projects, and the desire and admiration for entrepreneurship climbed to an unprecedented height. And now financing is more difficult for start-ups, O2O companies frequently face death, "capital winter" topic is full of major technology media.

traveler tourist, literal meaning is very good understanding, is in the industry brief "join in the fun" crowd. This industry "traveler" in both entrepreneurs and investors exist.

to post propaganda, or through the to find more people to become your downline, also can go to download a free e-mail software, by sending promotional materials to achieve the purpose of promotion, as long as there are more people see you, there will be more opportunities for them to become your at a lower level.

·: from the digital point of view, the valuation of start-up companies is undergoing a major adjustment: professional social networking LinkedIn market capitalization evaporated by 40%; big data company Tableau market capitalization is only half of the original;

– this article from 99 Wangzhuan network:

How to find ?

can invest some money to do advertising, the advertising forum inside the rent, usually home will have a lot of advertising, the forum now has dozens of advertising pictures, the effect is not very good, because there are too many advertisements, the members did not know that which is good, Adsense suggestions this method is not the best.

· from the start-up company point of view, after 15 years since Evernote closed down, more once Unicorn such as Dropbox, Gilt, etc. gradually decline;

pictures, data sources, Upfront, VC, attitude survey,

if you want to do your best offer on advertising to some traffic and more professional websites, such as net Wangzhuan it every day, traffic, advertising in the above effect is excellent, the station has also been done, can bring hundreds of traffic every day, still can.

How to find more money in the offline

in short, no matter what method you use, as long as you can find the line on the line, with subordinates is the most important factor in making money online, how much money you can earn depends on how many subordinates you have.

There is some

capital winter is difficult to explain with a single reason or theory. Here mainly introduces one of the reasons for the emergence of a large number of industry "passers-by" participation.

in addition, the famous investor Mark Suster interviewed 150 active investors. The survey consulted these people about the 2016 venture, with only 18% of investors optimistic about it, while 82% expressed some level of alarm and concern about the 2016 venture.

capital winter is how to produce


is offline, you become Wangzhuan subordinate registered through referral link, this part referred to as your downline, they can help me make money, so we are constantly looking for more referrals to make money together, we can see the importance level, basically every project can get commission, from the line in different proportion, and the support of the series is different from one level to the ten level of all, especially the hook project special grades.

network? Today to talk about some personal opinion quite good method, different methods have different characteristics, specific how should you choose a specific analysis of China.

line, a lot of people are asked, still have to say, first of all you can go to the relevant forum published a publicity card, put your project to make a presentation, link belt, general forum popular posts, can also exist for long time. This will have a greater chance of being seen by others, it is a practical method for offline, you can have a try.

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