To dare to dare venture successful enterprise 6 crazy idea to build a businessSite navigation statio

To dare to dare venture successful enterprise 6 crazy idea to build a businessSite navigation statio

Craigslist hasn’t changed since it was released, and people like it because it’s very simple. Of course, some people have criticized it for privacy and security issues. Craig Newmark, founder of the site, did not want to make money, but Craigslist is growing stronger. You can find it above

domestic do site navigation station more into the hairs, random number, install a browser you can find a lot of N navigation station embedded therein. Does that amount mean that the market is saturated,

does everyone need web sites? Of course not, for those new Internet users. The search engines now take the place of the site navigation station. Although old users won’t give up the use of Web sites, new traditional sites are outdated for new users.

This product is made by Gary

2., Narrative, Clip

3, site navigation station how to make money?

why can the website station enter ten thousand years, now analyze the income source of the website station?. 1. URL 2. Advertising alliance 3. The game is divided into three items. Every year can be tens of millions. Of course, we can see some form of association. Included in the web site, take a look at the 28 business opportunities network, you can directly see their collection quote, a 5 word text advertising, a month 3.8W, ha ha, a month will be able to enter more than ten million. Advertising alliance, this can flow through the exchange to do, but also can not be overlooked. The game is split up and you are also making high profits by working with highly profitable businesses.

3., Facebook

site navigation station is very profitable, this idea from a few years ago, a good 123 will have. Many people are still willing to do site navigation, but from another point of view, site navigation station. There are many problems. Do Wangzhuan not everyone can do, want to do the site navigation station, you must think out a few questions. If you want to know, you can do it.

lead: many start-ups start with exciting projects, and maybe these odd entrepreneurial ideas and stories will make you more confident.



2, is the market saturated? How can the site navigation station be developed?

many start-ups start with exciting projects, and some creative ideas are pretty crazy, and many of them are successful. If you have an odd idea, but you may not get the understanding of others, don’t be afraid. Because once you really give up, it can make your life or company very boring. Sometimes, you really need to come to Create Company with the strangest ideas and get loyal customers. Perhaps some of these odd entrepreneurial ideas and stories will make you more confident:

when a thing is mature, he changes. Then, the most common trend is characteristic development, market segmentation. Not all navigation stations, target customers are small, are new network. Take a look at the web sites that appear now, though many are from the hands of individual webmasters

site was originally popularized and used by newcomers who did not touch the internet. At that time, less classification, less content, there are several large URLs enough. When these people realized the convenience, the website station developed at a high speed.

if you think so, then why are there so many new sites, just for their own services? Roaming into, Tencent entered, 360 entered.


4, URL,

navigation station has become a tool to connect new users and old users. Promotion of their own tools, by users of word-of-mouth spread, forming a user group. Saturated, just for small sites, the real network businessman willing to invest, the funds as a strong backing, long-term users is fundamental.

when Zuckerberg first launched his own "exclusive virtual Almanac", some people told him it was so weird and useless. Of course, no one would think he could be one of the biggest companies in the world. Consider, then MySpace has been very popular, but people why such a "virtual Yearbook"? It is because of the one and only Facebook personality, it was a success, other companies in the end, presumably as everyone knows.

this product is a miniature camera that can be held in front of a shirt and can only take two pictures per minute. Now, you might think it sounds of no use, but many people don’t agree with you. The product was developed by a Swedish start-up, whose supporters think it’s the only way to make them relive their lives. The product, which costs $279, has raised $500 thousand on the Kickstarter.


1, who’s your website to see,

What do you need most from

1., Pet, Rock

Dahl in the last century in 70s to come out, one day in 1975, Dahl and his friends chatting in a bar, his friend had been complaining about their pets difficult to raise, casually said, the perfect pet is a stone. As a result, Dahl has really decided to launch a pet stone product. He has given his pet stone a 32 page manual that describes how to keep the stone. His pet stone each cost only $1, but Dahl has made us $15 million.

4., Craigslist

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