The key to getting high priced GG clicks is the detailsWhat do designers learn from science fiction

The key to getting high priced GG clicks is the detailsWhat do designers learn from science fiction

many of my friends asked me why people GG ads a few clicks will have few knife income? Why do I even have hundreds of hits as few clicks on others? In fact, a method of improving GG click price is very simple and very old-fashioned, but many webmaster pay no attention to this problem. To solve this problem before us first, to understand the way GG advertising, we all know that shlf1314 Advertising is according to the website automatically match the relevant functions of advertising, the purpose is to make ads more targeted. There are three kinds of automatic matching GG advertising:

Three ways of

, a language. If the page is Chinese, matching Chinese advertising; if the web English, matching English advertising.

spend a long time thinking about the interface on the screen? What can we learn from it,

, in an interview with foreign media, talked about their understanding of the excellent science fiction interface, as well as the relationship between our everyday interface and the conceptual interface we saw on the screen.

Two, the geographical position,

, three, key unit. The GG site is divided into three levels: the first level is higher the quality of the site, the best matching keywords, keywords, mainly high grade second; secondary site, keyword matching degree; third kinds of garbage sites, mainly in low-cost keywords based keyword matching.

Chris · nuosai’er: as consumers and designers, we will be the application of science and technology BOLD effect on the screen. We should not let these feelings pass by, on the contrary, after careful analysis, we can do more. We can design related elements found in real life: maybe we already know things, but science fiction context cue new samples for reference and discussion; it may be something new from the screen in the amazing technology abstracted, and daily work. We can get a lot of inspiration from science fiction’s future technology.

Why does

last year, the published the book "let it be a reality: Make So: Interaction Design Lessons Science Fiction It from". After the introduction of the design theme of the blog, regularly included in "the fifth element", "metropolis" and some of the classic science fiction as "Forbidden Planet", "Space Hero" in the design concept of pampolina.

The devices and controls that appear in


Chris · Noseir Chris Noessel and Nathan · Nathan Shedroff; Xie interior designers that can get realistic design inspiration from these devices in science fiction.


science fiction movies and novels often come true: from Star Trek Communicator, war game computer to terminator flight.

from GG advertising, we can see that there is no doubt that English GG advertising price relative Chinese is relatively high, therefore, have the ability to build English station friends can consider the construction of English station to launch GG English advertising, but do a little, don’t put English ads in the Chinese station, so cause to be a K chance to be improved; we do not consider the geographical location, so the key to improve the matching has become the key to improving the GG click on price, improve the quality of the content on the website, you can match the expensive keyword, the natural price is high, this is not to boast, not without reason, the general site started advertising, the default medium, therefore, even if the page is set to the most expensive price, if the site is not high quality of the site, the same is not matching To high keywords, so when your site and another site with the same subject, but your income is not high when he GG, please don’t be discouraged, you should take your stand and the people stood for comparison, so you can know your station and other sites that are different. There is not as good as others do well, the website is the soul of the traffic flow, is the soul of your site’s content, the best course is the original, if not original, then go back to the times, do false original, these for a successful site is necessary; improve the unit price of GG party.


any webmaster want to site on GG ad Click price and high, but in fact many webmaster GG ad Click price is very low, only a few clicks may show hundreds of knife income of tens of thousands, this is placed in front of all the owners, but also all the an urgent need to solve the problem.

. GG will automatically display advertising, visitors according to geographical location, because some advertisers required to limit advertising area.

‘s Minority Report by Spielberg,

· Xie interior: science fiction of culture also influence. It affects people’s expectations and aspirations. We can not ignore this effect, because this may lead to a failure of products: such as Motorola’s MicroTAC phone; may also be another successful reason: for example, Motorola’s mobile phone: StarTAC. StarTAC, the first flip phone, was actually inspired by "flip star" in "Star Trek". Science fiction is for human consumption, so many of the interface standards are the same as the standards we use. On this basis, the division >


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