Europe has become a new hotbed of technology start ups has hatched a number of Unicorn companiesAna

Europe has become a new hotbed of technology start ups has hatched a number of Unicorn companiesAna

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and fier cable Nielsen, many young people of European science and technology industry is the European continent as a new hope.

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ten years ago, the Danish born Portuguese engineer Russ · Nielsen Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen – fier cable to become a technology entrepreneur, he bought a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley.

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technology industry has been completely changed," fiers cable Nielsen said, "now the opportunity here." He has joined a technology investment company in london.

Florian Jourda gave up executive positions at Box, a cloud service provider in the United States, and joined his homeland, an entrepreneurial accelerator in france. Niklas Zennstrom, from Sweden, was one of Skype’s founders, and in 2005 he sold Skype to American investors, then created an investment fund focused on European technology start-ups.

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, a network communicator is still hard to make a profit despite attracting and attracting a large audience. Because this can not be sorted, not classified,

January 30th, according to foreign media reports, with the increasing investment and support of some European countries in the technology industry, many of the technological elites who started or worked in Silicon Valley have returned to their motherland.

can’t repeat the size of its audience at the unit time point. It is so far considered to be of little commercial value or is directly expressed as worthless

some European mainland Admiral Company such as Swedish streaming music company, Spotify AB, German business incubator, Rocket Internet, and Finland gaming company Supercell

however, France and other European countries, the risk of capital inflows last year reached a record level, because Europe’s local government increased the training of skilled workers and support, and for the early start-up companies to create a large incubator of science and technology industry also increased investment by government support fund.

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has been trying to create a so-called digital single market, but its split and draconian fiscal and social and economic regulations and prevent the rapid growth of many European emerging technology companies, technology companies have mostly failed to become the leader in the industry, many companies even unprofitable.

is based on relatively independent web sites, wider sources of news, original information, a wider range of services, network interactivity, and even

conduct business activities. The former is mainly based on local stations, the majority, while the latter mainly in some provinces or central stations, the number is very limited.

people ask for it. The content provided by network propagation is not correct for the use and extraction of these contents, especially on the time axis. This makes the communicator

Europe has many well-trained engineers and programmers, and has a larger consumer group than the United states. Europe has produced many pioneer companies, but many of them have since been bought by American investors like Skype.

, who has worked at Silicon Valley for eight years, has worked as an executive at Dropbox, WhatsApp and Uber, and now he’s back in europe.

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media, but it’s not clear what the Internet media is going to do and how it should be used. So lead to the emergence of profile websites.

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Europe has many well-trained engineers and programmers, and has more consumer groups than the United States, and many young people in the European technology industry are looking at the continent as a new place of hope.

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