Online trading who is the gatekeeperthe inventory count pit investors suffocated the new three boar

Online trading who is the gatekeeperthe inventory count pit investors suffocated the new three boar

Wu Dongming said, only through online complaints platform, this year he has received nearly 100 online shopping recharge card complaints, online shopping complaints are every day. Due to lack of transaction credentials, most of them are hard to protect their rights.

industry self-regulation is far from enough

this brings a problem, but the new three board but there is no mandatory tender offer terms, therefore, in many mergers and acquisitions, small shareholders are often abandoned by major shareholders. It was a bit of the captain’s parachute jump, but the plane was meant to remain on the plane.

Xiao Zhang’s experience made Wang Zhijun, director of the Fair Trade Bureau of the Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce, find it difficult. In real transactions, why buy fake goods to the industry and Commerce Department of 12315 complaints, and online shop not registered in the industry and commerce, two no business address, investigate and deal with difficulties.

points open Wuhan red shield information network, Wuhan Consumers Association complaints department director Wu Dongming let reporters see a complaint information.

There’s a hole in front of the Comparison of the

consumer rights difficult, consumer protection departments investigated difficult, who should be online trading "gatekeeper"?

on the gem Hornsey Pharmaceutical 300147 and 300519, Xinguang pharmaceutical companies are in the dynamic price earnings ratio of about 63 times, that is to say, if the count rate of Xintian pharmaceutical market, according to the price, its valuation will be over 3 times! If you like Xinguang pharmaceutical after listing even a 20 trading board, the more imaginative space. If the total turnover of 18 million of previously known as the cost of positions, Xintian pharmaceutical listed, the position will reach 54 million. Apart from 18 million of the cost, the stamp collection gains as much as 36 million. Therefore, it is no wonder that IPO’s new three board enterprise has become a stamp collector’s mind.

according to the Ministry of Commerce issued "guidance" on online transactions, the Chinese online trading service providers, must undertake to maintain trading order, safeguard the interests of users and consumer protection duties.

meets "fake" IPO

but we have to be responsible to the stamp party a reminder, although the market is quite like Xintian pharmaceutical this really IPO, but only IPO and IPO false claims to be also many, at least to IPO IPO’s dream is full of uncertainty. Baruch chemical 831325 is a typical case.

she has some heart, but worried about buying fake.

in the face of fake and consumer disputes emerge in an endless stream trap, shopping website, Taobao launched the first "alipay". This is a third party account, where buyers send money to

attractive discount recharge card trap

obviously deceived, but can not for themselves to seek an argument, Inner Mongolia net friend experience is not a case.

Chen has been commissioned to go to Hongkong on business friends with duty-free cosmetics, recently she saw on the Internet, a bottle of Hao Lena eye cream for only 495 yuan, lower than the price in Hongkong.

. Please be careful with investors.


company engaged in chemical solvents and chemical additives, electronic chemicals research and development, production and sales of the company in November 2014, listed on the new board, May 2015 market transactions in May 2016, three new board innovation. Whether it is basic or liquidity, can be called the top three new board students. The company in the new three board listing period, active trading, the number of shareholders increased from 21 to more than 200. Performance, in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the first half revenue and net profit were: 2.6>

Xiao Chen’s worry is not unnecessary. As early as 4 years ago, the world’s well-known luxury brand Tiffany Tiffany has sued a domestic website. Because, Tiffany found 19 thousand fake their own brand jewelry on the site.

from Inner Mongolia Chifeng friends said, claiming to be "Wuhan Oriental communications technology company" published in the online discount Mobile Recharge Card sales information, he remittance 8000 yuan to buy 1000 cards, prepaid card cannot be opened. According to the communication company request, he once again remittance 5000 yuan, opening fee still can not open. A few days later, the company actually asked for 8000 yuan management fees.

this also means that the site will play the dual role of platform providers and regulators.

feels that net friend who has bought fake perfume has complained to the website and asked for return. The website told her that the buyer would provide proof that the goods had quality problems, or they could not return the goods. "I have to pay a sum of money to the authority to produce a quality report before returning it."." Helpless Xiao Zhang can only think bad luck.




loss of 13 thousand yuan, Inner Mongolia netizens regret. Wu Dongming suggested that the net friend to the public security organs report, but no invoice, two no transaction credentials, how to file

in April 28th three new board ID:xsbzhiku for public number push "zero transaction not every listed companies are" zombie ", Amy, Rio star listed" in an article, we mentioned the transfer of successful extension during Starr, Jiangsu flag, Samsung new material and Amy Seiko in the new board the listing is "zero transaction", but they are different, but there are 41 Xintian pharmaceutical transaction records daily. Xintian pharmaceutical suspended the day before, that is, in June 17, 2015 the disk display, the transfer of the agreement to close at 24 yuan the day, turnover of 90 thousand and 500 yuan, the market value of 1 billion 240 million yuan, earnings 21.7 times. In contrast, the current Shenzhen gem, the average price earnings ratio of about 36 times, so Xintian pharmaceutical price earnings ratio is not high. After the listing, Xintian pharmaceutical’s share price will happen "earth shaking" changes, indeed worthy of attention.

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